Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Since it has been so long I decided to just start my posts with the most recent past as it would take too long to catch up. Maybe I will post some pictures of other events from the past year at another time. These pictures are all from this month.
The Ragnar relay race that I ran with my sister, Kim, and some friends is first. It was an amazing experience that I hope to have again but running a relay of 192 miles from Logan to Park City was quite a crazy idea. The lack of sleep, crazy eating, lots of running, and two days in a suburban were a lot to handle.
While my sister and her family where here for the race we also got to have some fun: like going to the Children's Museum in SLC, hanging out in rainy Park City, and going to the Hogle Zoo. It was so great to have them come for a visit.
I was able to go on a trip alone, to counteract all of Jason's fall hunting, with a friend that is from South Carolina, Erica. She introduced me to her family, showed me around, and fed me lots of southern food. It is true what they say about southern hospitality, they are so amazingly nice. It was the most traveling I have ever fit into such a short period of time but worth every minute as I was able to see almost the entire state (from Greenville, to Myrtle Beach, to Charleston).
Erica and I ready to head out to dinner.

In a park in Charleston.

The boardwalk at Myrtle Beach.

Robbie and his women having dinner.

Eating my first hushpuppy, so good!

Erica catching some rays and getting beat up by the ocean.

Me on the beach at Garden City, near Myrtle Beach.

Another first, Bojangles Bo-berry Biscuit.

Justin and Hunter on the carosel.

Zack and Kaydence at the zoo.

Riding the train.

Darrian and Hunter.

At the finish line.

Running my secong leg.

Some of the team near the finish line.

Wearing our Alpine Plastic Surgery "got boobs?" shirts for our sponsor, Dr. Barnett.

My 52 "kills".

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Here are HALF of the pictures from this past summer and fall. I am slowly getting caught up to date. We have had an amazing summer with lots of fun times, traveling, enjoying time with friends and family, and, of course, hanging out on the boat. Enjoy reviewing the past few months and I will do the rest as soon as possible.
Hanging out in the boat while Jeff wake surfs.
The twins, Sara and Jackie, enjoying a day on the boat.
Allison getting up on the wake.
Zack doing his best to enjoy boating and swimming even though he had a cast half of the summer.
A definate "Boating Beauty".
Zack enjoying a day of boating, like a true gangster should.

Papa Ted trying out the surfboard.
Jeff shredding some wake.
Here are some candid shots of us boating this summer. Definately our entire family's favorite summer past time. Too bad it only lasts three months if we are lucky.
Jason and Allison in the plane heading up to jump.
Jason giving the thumbs up in midair.
Jason and his tandum master, The Fonz, jump out of the plane.
Allison and her tandum master, Argile, during their freefall.
Allison and Argile on their way out of the plane.

LITERALLY signing our lives away.
Sara, Ted , and Jackie all suited up and ready to jump.
Jason ready in his jumpsuit.
Check of Allison's harness.
Allison and Jason ready to skydive.
Jason's step-dad, Ted, and his came back to visit in July and this time they brought Jason's twin step-sisters. They came to skydive. On a beautiful Saturday morning we headed to "Skydive Utah" to jump out of a plane. It was an amazing experience that some of us enjoyed more than others. ;)

Cassidy's friends over for a party.
One of Cassidy's gifts.
Cassidy blowing out her candles.
Cassidy celebrated her 10th birthday this summer. We had a pizza and cake lunch at teh house then took three of her closest friends to see "Beezus and Ramona" at the theater.

Grandpa Rudy and Cassidy and Zack.
Kathy and Ty.
Uncle Dale and Grandpa Rudy.
Uncle Dale and Ryan.
Grandpa Rudy came through a week after the reunion to head to Montana to see his brothers and sisters so we had a get together dinner at Dale and Jill's house. It was so great to see Grandpa and hang out with family again.

The Pfister boys hanging.
The Pfister Sisters.
Matt and Cassi.
Hanging out around the campfire.
Uncle Matt, being Uncle Matt.