Saturday, February 14, 2009

The whole family at iRock climbing wall. I was looking at the past few pictures I have posted and was laughing because evry picture I post of myself shows me with straight hair. I really don't straighten my hair more than twice a month or so but everytime I do is when the camera is out. Allison doing her thing, man I hate looking at my butt in a harness!
Jason making sure the kids climb safe.
Cassidy starting a climb.
Zack stopping to say cheese while he is scaling the wall. GO SPIDERMAN!
Happy Valentine's Day! Jason and I decided to take turns being in charge of romantic holidays, i.e. Valentine's Day and our anniversary. I do the odd years and he does the even. For Valentine's Day this year I decided to take the whole family climbing at an indoor rock wall. Cassidy has done it before, at a birthday party a few years ago and I used to go rappelling in college back at Dixie, Jason and Zack hadn't been before. I was really excited to take Jason to do something new and hoped that the kids would enjoy it and not be too afraid to do it. Both of them began climbing right away and their favorite part was hanging in the air after a climb. Jason did awesome and seemed to really enjoy it. I made it to the top of the wall in one area twice. :) We climbed until our hands hurt and then headed to lunch. It snowed really hard all morning so the roads were pretty crazy, we didn't want to do much besides that. Since we have been home the kids and I watched Madagascar 2 while Jaosn took a nap and then shoveled the driveway. I just finished making a double batch of no bake cookies so we will end up eating our weight in those tonight I am sure. Also, I have a few things planned for just the two or us after the kiddos go to bed. ;)
We bought each other shoes, me new running shoes and Jason new work/dress shoes, a few weeks ago and decided to call it our gifts to each other for Valentine's Day. Of course I couldn't leave it at that so I bought him some candy he really likes and an itunes gift card and he surprised me with a gift card for a hot stone massage, isn't he AWESOME!
Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal to us because it is the day Jason proposed to me on my ugly couch in my apartment in Cedar City when I was going to SUU and he was going to Rick's. 12 years ago today, CRAZY!

Cassidy and Zack at the iRock climbing wall.
Our heart-shaped pancake breakfast.
Cassidy and Zack's homemade Valentines from the Family Fun Magazine.

We have had a fun and event filled Valentine's Week. Cassidy, Zack, and I made their Valentines this year using the magazine that Ronna gets for me, I felt like Martha Stewart saving all of our empty toilet paper rolls to make bracelets, printing out paper airplanes, and tracing hands.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I can't really think of an excuse for not blogging in so long, sorry Stephanie :). Usually people make a resolution to be better at stuff like this, but not me I guess. I don't have any new pictures to post so that may be one of the main reasons. I didn't really make any resolutions this year but I have been trying really hard to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, eat less treats, and drink lots of water (which is really hard on the days I teach because I never get a chance to pee so I swear I am going to have an accident one of these days). Jason and I started an account on Facebook and I don't spend nearly the amount of time on there that my friends do, in fact I would rather blog then mess around on there. But some of my friends that are on Facebook did a thing called "25 Random Things About Me" and challenged me to do it as well. I decided to put it on my blog rather than Fcaebook so if people want to see what wrote they will have to look here.

1. I wasn't born in Page, AZ but I lived there most all of my life, my parents still live in the same house I grew up in. I hated living in a small town growing up but now I kinda miss it. I liked being able to walk everywhere and not having my mom worry about me too much.

2. I worry about my kids way too much. I wait until the bus comes to pick them up everyday before I will go to work or go about whatever chores I need to do. I watch them walk to friends' houses or have them call me when they get there so I know they made it safe.

3. I have a new found love for reading and do it all the time. I love silly fiction novels that get me away from it all, especially if there is a fun plot or a love interest. I have almost read everything by Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella (so excited for the Shopaholic movie).

4. I would rather hang out at home than go out, I love cuddling on the couch with my little family and watching a movie together.

5. Watching the Disney Channel is a guilty pleasure for me. I think that Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and The Suite Life are actually pretty cool. I really like the music too, in fact I have the Jonas Bros., Ally and AJ, and Demi Lovato on MY Shuffle.

6. Jason is the one and only man I have ever said I love you to. I remember the moment I fell in love with him very vividly and all I can say is that the drive to Montana in the summer of 1996 to take him and his bullet bike home was the best thing I ever did.

7. I adore Jason's mom. She is one of the most wonderful and funny people I know. Her dad, Milt, is my fill-in Grandpa, since all of mine are gone. I love it when he calls me WOMAN! Jason's sister Jill, and sister-in-laws Amy and Cassi call ourselves the Pfister Sistas.

8. Teaching school isn't the right job for me, I am dying to go back to school to study Public Realtions, and I think I can maybe start at Weber this fall.

9. I am the shortest person in my family, at 5'9" can you believe it!

10. My dad is a huge teddy bear and he makes me laugh, my mom is a saint and would do anything for anyone, my big brother never ceases to surprise me with all of the things he is into and eats now (way to go Crista), and my lil' big sis (she is younger but taller) is the best listener and I know she is always there for me.

11. I hate being cold yet I live in Northern Utah, go figure.

12. This summer I am going to Mexico and it will be my first trip EVER outside the US, I even got my first passport last week.

13. I finally learned how to straighten my curly hair, which gets curlier as I get older (CRAZY!!!), I can do it in about 30 minutes from wet to straight now.

14. My favorite food is hamburgers, YUM!!! I love Chili's, Red Robin, Applebee's, etc. because they put delicious things on them and they are huge.

15. If I could move anywhere I would move to St. George, UT. I loved living there when I went to Dixie College and I enjoy going back to visit. I hope thats omeday we can both find jobs there because I would love it, though Jason would probably MELT.

16. My husband is the hottest guy I have ever seen. He only gets better looking with age too, lucky me! I hope he says the same thing about me.

17. Cassidy is a mini me and it scares me, I am worried that we will either fight constantly when she is a teen or be best friends, I hope the latter.

18. Being Mormon has never been a problem for me, in fact I love it. I have never had a hard time not making bad choices when I was in college or even today. I love my religion and think it helps me be a better person and teach my kids values.

19. I wanted 4 kids when I got married but am lucky I decided to have 2, I didn't want Cassidy to be an only child. Sometimes I am sad Cassidy doesn't have a sister though because I loved mine. I wouldn't trade little Zack ever though cause he is the best.

20. Going to the gym is one of my favorite things to do, I love the rush I get when I am done working out and knowing that I have pushed myself. I hope to run more this year, when the weather gets nicer, and maybe do some foot races. I would like to try a 10K or a half marathon but am worried it might kill me.

21. Having a clean house and dinner on the table is important to me, that sounds very 50's housewife of me. I like knowing we have a nice house to live in and delicious meals to eat.

22. I really enjoy being a blonde. My hairdresser, and bestest friend Emmalene, colors and cuts my tresses to perfection. I don't think I will let my hair go dark again for a while because blondes really do have more fun!

23. Back in the day, I wanted to study theater. My Associates Degree from Dixie is in Fine Arts. I miss the theater and hope to do another play sometime. Doing Grease a few years ago was the best, even if I was the oldest person in the play (even older than my director). I love singing and need to do it more often. I wish I was young enough to try out for American Idol, though I don't really watch the show I think that would be awesome.

24. My all time favorite show on TV is So You Think You Can Dance. It airs during the summer and is the American Idol of dance. I sercretly wish I could take lessons and dance like that but then I take a Zumba class at the gym at realize I have no rhythm at all.

25. My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad I found Jason and we have such awesome kids. I love them all very much!