Thursday, January 01, 2009

The hosts with the most!
Garet and Andrea Cooper.

Cortney and Scott Frandsen.

Allison tearing it up on the drums.

What is Scott drinking????
This was New Year's Eve at Beau and Emmalene Horrock's place. We had a fabulous time eating TONS of food and playing Rock Band while we ignored our kids. It was crazy fun. We learned when some people come out of their shells, they come ALL the way out!!!

Scott and Amy hanging out on the sledding hill.
Kadin wanted to wear a face mask so Papa Rex hooked him up, too cute!

Linda, Kadin, and Rex look on as someone heads down the hill.

Scott and Jason race down the hill, my man won by the way! :)

Kaleb and Zack ready for another run!
We spent the morning after Christmas sledding with Rex and Linda. It was so fun and we were bundled up so well I don't think I heard anyone complain of being cold. It was awesome fun and all of the kids were so brave. Poor Jordan ended up going through some fresh powder with his Aunt Mindy and quite the spray of snow in his face so he was done after that.

All of the grandkids that were present at Grandma Ronna and Papa Ted's Christmas Eve.
Zack and his buddy/cousin Kaleb checking out Zack's new DS game, Ironman.
Grandma and Granpa Romick open the pepper grinder that everyone chipped in to get them.

Present opening madness and Ronna dn Ted's house later on Chritmas Eve. Christmas #3 for my family.

Christmas Eve at Rex and Linda's house (Jason's dad and step-mom) in Helena, Montana.

Four CRAZY boys! Kaleb, Brayden, Zack, and Kadin.
Allison cuddling and getting her baby fix with the newest Pfister, Paityn.

Sibling rivalry playing Mario Cart racing on the Wii (Jason and his brothers Matt and Scott).

The pajamas that Grandma Lora Lee made for the kids for Christmas. This was our first Christmas celebration. We unwrapped presents from Allison's family and each other at our house the Saturday before Christmas so we wouldn't have to drag as much stuff to Montana.
Jason's new 22 that he hinted that he wanted for weeks.
Zack very excited about new Tranformer toys.

Cassidy showing off one of her many gifts.

Family pictures that we took via camera timer in our backyard.
You can tell I hurried to my spot after setting the timer and didn't quite make it there.

Candids of the kiddos in the backyard.

We had family pictures taken at Target one Saturday morning. It was such a nice day outside and we looked so good that when we got home I decided to take a few more in our backyard. I was going to call a friend to take them for us but then Jason reminded me that my camera has a timer so I brought out a stool to set the camera on and ran back and forth to our swing. Not too bad if I say so myself!

Zack's turkey head, a craft he made at school. So Funny!My brother and sister-in-law's baby, Sam. Such a sweet and happy baby!
Jason, Allison, Cassidy and Zack with Grandpa Rudy and Grandma Barbara at their place in Veyo, Utah on our way to Page for Thanksgiving.
Our Thanksgiving was spent in Page, Arizona with Allison's family this year. It was so great to have everyone make it home for the holiday. Monte and Crista with their kids, Megan and Sam, from Phoenix, Jason and Allison from Utah, then mom and dad and Kim and Kaydence in Page. We had an awesome dinner made by all of the women folk at Kim's new house. It is a huge home on the other side of town which she shares with Justin and his daughter Darrian as well as Kaydence. We had a great visit and a tons of fun playing Apples to Apples.