Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are still waiting for Spring here, hopefully this weekend will actually be the beginning. It is supposed to be in the 70's from Saturday-Wednesday at this point so I am going to keep my fingers crossed, do the spring dance (such an awesome sight to see), and hope that the weather holds. The kids have soccer games this weekend and it sure is miserable to sit through those in the cold, wet weather.
I took lots of Easter pics of the kids but the funny thing is that I took them with the disposable camera that Ronna, Jason's mom, sent in the mail with her Easter craft for the kids. So, since we mailed the camera back to her she has all of the pics we took of the kids this Easter. ;) I really don't have any new pics to post because of that. Sorry!
We are looking forward to the long days of summer ahead, we have plans to go to Mexico (YEA!!!!), Montana, and maybe a trip to Page in there as well. We have been emailing Jason's brother Scott and his wife and they are planning a trip to see us for Memorial Day so we are WAY excited about that!
That is all that is new here, hope everyone is doing well and happy! We love you all!