Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just wanted to blog a few more pictures from the weekend. Jason and I cleaned out the pantry on Saturday afternoon and Cassidy remembered that she has an Easy Bake oven. So Sunday afternoon Zack and Cassidy decided they wanted to bake some cakes in her oven, chef's hats and all. They actually turned out really well, crazy to believe a lightbulb can bake a cake. The other picture is of Cassidy practicing her Heelies. She got a pair for Christmas and still is having a hard time figuring out how they work. Now that it is warm outside we have her go out there to practice instead of on the kitchen floor. She seems to be getting the hang of it, Wal-Mart look out!

What a fun weekend! Short, but fun. My little big sister, if you saw how tall she is you will understand that, and her family came to visit. It was another beautiful weekend weather wise so we were able to spend a lot of time outside, you all know how much I love that. We jumped on the tramp and Zack gave Kaydence a ride on his new Vroom, Vroom (that is another story). She broke her arm a few weeks ago so she has a cast on her left arm. My mom invented something that if she doesn't patent she is missing out on her small fortune, a "cast cozy". Kaydence is too little to understand that when you hit someone with a cast it hurts so they are to cover it and protect everyone from her cast while making her arm look so cute, less odor too!
She is so adorable, it has really been too long since I saw her last. She can count to three and loves it when anyone sings the alphabet song to her. It was so nice to see Elias, Kim, and Kaydence but way too short of a visit for my liking. Thanks for coming, we love you and hope to see you again soon.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am going to be so sad when the weather changes this week. I was reading the newspaper yesterday and it said that it will be 70 degrees for the next few days, like it has been for the last week, then on Wednesday it will go back down to the 40's with possible snow. It makes me want to cry. The kids were outside so much on Saturday they had little sun kissed cheeks when they went to bed that night. We took them to a park Saturday afternoon and they played in the nieighborhood all day. I forget how many kids we have on our block until the weather gets nice and they all come out of their houses to play. At one point yesterday we had 8 kids on the tramp in our backyard, so fun! I love wearing spring clothes. My winter wardrobe is so boring because I hate winter, but my spring/summer wardrobe is so much more exciting. I would love to live somewhere where it is 75 degrees all of the time. Not too hot, not too cold. Jason said that it would need to be warmer than that so we can take our boat out. He has a one track mind, but I am looking forward to boating this year too. I bought myself a wakeboard at a boat show and I have two new awesome swimsuits to wear this summer, YEA!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy late birthday to Jen! I hope you had a great birthday on Tuesday. Is this the big 30? For those of you who don't know Jen she was my college roommate back at Dixie College. She has been one of my best friends for a long time and probably knows me better than most anyone. We had a great time in St. George and I really miss our carefree and wild days sometimes. Two years ago I flew out to Washington D.C. to spend my Spring Break with her. She lives there and works for the state department, probably one of the most scholastic people I know. I envy her for her love of learning and history. She knew everything there was to know about historical facts of D.C. and was the best tour guide ever. I hope your day was special and love you so much Jen.
We have been having the most wonderful weather here the past few days. That coupled with the day light saving time change is making it hard for me to get the kids to come inside and go to bed. I have to drag them out of bed every morning while they ask me why I am waking them up when it is still dark outside. It is so sad. I love this time of year. The anticipation of summer is so much fun. I love pulling out the light jackets and capri pants. Unfortunately, Utah weather changes so frequently I know that we are in no way done with winter. I know it will snow at least one or two more times before it warms up for good.
Jason, the kids and I have been busy lately. Even though Jason got me the best compact camera for taking pictures I regret to say that I forget to bring it with me almost every time. Last Friday Jason and I used the free passes that we got back in October at a Warren Miller movie to go skiing at The Canyons. It was so fun to play hookie from work, leave the kids at school/sitter and have a day to ourselves. Jason is really good on the snow but since I get out like once every two-three years it took me a while to relax my "V" and go fast at all. Jason was such a gentleman and would wait for me as he would go down the hill so as not to leave me in his powder dust. The Canyons is obviously where the more upscale people go skiing. It was so beautiful. There were a ton of kids taking lessons that day. It is a bit overwhelming to be going down a ski hill in my "V", trying not to fall when a three year old flies by me. Oh well. We need to take our kids while they are still fearless. It was a beautiful day and tons of fun! Yesterday we finally took Cassidy to Chuck E. Cheese's for earning all green's in February. It is in South Salt Lake so it is quite a drive but the pizza was good and the games were fun. Zack was so worried about running out of tokens, it was so funny. We had a great time and made it home just in time for bed. I wonder what prize she will choose for March?
Hope everyone is doing as well as we are. I am excited for Spring to get into full swing and for summer to get here. I bought two new swim suits and am so excited to break them in. YEA!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Here it is, almost three weeks later and I still haven't updated my blog. I guess it is because I don't want to bore anyone, there really isn't much to tell. We have been having a lot of winter weather which just depresses me. The only good thing about the cold is that this time there is actually snow too. We have had one of the coldest winters on record but also one of the driest, it is just plain sad. We had enough snow to go sledding a couple of times with the kids. The school I taught at a few years ago has some great hills behind it perfect for seldding so we hiked up there the Monday of President's Day weekend then again that following Saturday. Now everytime it snows the kids think we need to go sledding. They were so awesome at it. Cassidy wanted to go by herself and loved it after she did and Zack started down on his own when he was just sitting on a sled and screamed all the way down. When he got to the bottom though he was so excited he only wanted to go by himself. It was so funny. The pictures are of Rex and Linda's (Jason's dad and step-mom) visit with us over President's Day weekend. It got up to 60 degrees while they were here then snowed the day they left. Anyways, we went to a place in Lehi called Thanksgiving Point with them. We saw an Imax 3-D movie about African animals then went to a farm that they have there to pet and feed some animals. They had a life-sized plastic cow with rubber nipples that you could try to milk. All of us tried but the only one that could actually milk the cow was Rex, I guess all that time on the dairy in Rexburg paid off. We had to go to Cabella's because we were in the area where it is located. It is like a landmark in Utah now. We also took them to a Japanese steakhouse called Tepanyaki. It is my favorite place to eat because everything is so fresh and good for you. They cook your food on a grill right in front of you and always put on a good show. In fact it was the first time we have taken the kids there, and Zack was in tears at the display of fire the chef did at the beginning then was fasinated the rest of the time. He kept asking if there was going to be more fire and telling the chef he was a good "maker". So funny! We played outside an afternoon because the weather was so beautiful. We jumped on the tramp, played soccer and a game that Rex and Linda made Jason for his birthday. I can't remember what it is called but it is the funnest yard game ever, so addicting. Anyways, nothing much exciting since then. Just the daily grind. I am so looking forward to a weekend and hope everyone has a great one.