Monday, March 19, 2007

I am going to be so sad when the weather changes this week. I was reading the newspaper yesterday and it said that it will be 70 degrees for the next few days, like it has been for the last week, then on Wednesday it will go back down to the 40's with possible snow. It makes me want to cry. The kids were outside so much on Saturday they had little sun kissed cheeks when they went to bed that night. We took them to a park Saturday afternoon and they played in the nieighborhood all day. I forget how many kids we have on our block until the weather gets nice and they all come out of their houses to play. At one point yesterday we had 8 kids on the tramp in our backyard, so fun! I love wearing spring clothes. My winter wardrobe is so boring because I hate winter, but my spring/summer wardrobe is so much more exciting. I would love to live somewhere where it is 75 degrees all of the time. Not too hot, not too cold. Jason said that it would need to be warmer than that so we can take our boat out. He has a one track mind, but I am looking forward to boating this year too. I bought myself a wakeboard at a boat show and I have two new awesome swimsuits to wear this summer, YEA!

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