Friday, March 06, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Heatwole.
The cute couple.

Kim's cute family!
Me and my little sis!
The amazing cake that my mom made and decorated.
The whole family .
The bridal party on their way down to the resort on the lake for the reception, it is a LONG walk so they take everyone down on carts.

My big brother's cute family, Sam (1), Crista, Monte, and Megan (3). They live down in the Phoenix area.
My family all dressed up! Doesn't Zack look so handsome in his suit and Cassidy look beautiful in her gold dress, not to mention how hot Jason always looks in a tie!
The Byrom siblings make a Kim sandwich.
The bridesmaids: Elena, Lexie, Kim (the bride), Kristie, and Allison.
The girls strike a pose with Kim, LITERALLY!!!

The bride and our dad enjoying a dance.
Kaydence and Zack having a spin on the dancefloor.Zack and his crush, Justin's niece and the current Miss Arizona, enjoying themselves as she takes him for a spin. He flirted with her the entire afternoon (I wonder where he got those skills, JASON).
My mom and dad even danced a few slow songs.
Kaydence and Cassidy bellied up to the bar.
My big lil' sis Kimberley, I call her that because though she is a good three inches taller than me she is still my little sister, got married on Saturday, February 28th in Page, Arizona. My family and I were lucky enough to be able to make it down for the weekend full of festivities, after I carefully rearranged my parent/teacher conferences. It was a lovely wedding ceremony at one of the churches on Page's famous church row then a beautiful reception at Lake Powell's Antelope Marina in their resort ON the lake. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day, everything turned out so awesome! I was lucky enough to be asked to be the maid of honor and Kim also had three other friends serve as the bridesmaids. Justin, her new husband, had his dad and his 13 year old daughter be his "best people". I was able to help decorate the church and the restaurant where the reception was held, get ready with the bridesmaids at a local hotel the morning of the wedding, and go to lunches and dinners with the bridal party (Jason was awesome at watching with the kids or even helping decorating so I could be a part of everything, I love him so much for that). My brother and his wife and kids were able to make it as well, it always makes me so happy when my whole family is able to get together, though their little boy was sick with a double ear infection while they were there and not much for partying with us. The ceremony and reception were well planned and so pretty. Kaydence did the best a three year old could during a wedding but ended up not really wanting to be the flower girl as planned and yelling to Grandma Lora Lee that she needed to poop during the ceremony, too funny! I am so glad that my sister is happy and wish only the best for all of them, to the Heatwole family (Justin, Kim, Darrin, and Kaydence).