Sunday, April 25, 2010

I spent my Sunday evening posting all of the pictures off of my hard drive from every activity from Halloween through today. I really don't want to do that again so I better stay on top of my posts again, didn't I say that last time I posted, in NOVEMBER! Wow! How time flies.

Things continue to go well here. Cassidy and I are recovering from a very nasty cold and Zack has had quite a cough the last week. We have been keeping a low profile and trying to get better. We are all anticipating the summer, except Jason I guess since he is the only one that has to work around here in the summer. Spring has been taunting us with a few nice days in a row then the weather takes a turn towards winter again so it will at least be nice when it gets warm and stays warm, and you can quote me on that in mid July.

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoys catching up with our family for the past few months.
Cassidy's smile, she is down to her two front permanent teeth and molars on the top.

Zack getting ready to pull out his first tooth.

So brave! Zack decided he wanted his loose tooth to come out before dinner so he made sure it did. He pulled it out by himself and was so brave the whole time. His permanent tooth was already coming in behind the baby tooth so it was definately time for it to go. Sorry if anyone has been expecting the tooth fairy, she has been busy at our house with a total of three teeth lost theis week between Cassidy and Zack.

Hunting for Easter eggs.
Cassidy and Shelby had a wonderful time playing Barbies and hanging out while we were there.

Zack and Brayden looking cool in their 3-D glasses at How to Train Your Dragon.
This was a giant indoor tramp place called the Sky Zone. It was awesome fun! We all learned that jumping on the tramp for an hour and a half is harder than it sounds.
We drove to California, Nor Cal or Fornia, to see Jason's brother and his family in the Sacremento area for Easter weekend. It was so much fun to see them and have them show us around. It was a VERY long drive but it was so worth it to see them.

Cassidy and Jason working on her birdhouse.

The finished product.
Cassidy recieving her first place award in the child's competition.
Cassidy with her birdhouse on the trail.
We have had a few of Grandpa Milt's birdhouses in our garage and last spring Cassidy got the idea from her third grade teacher to decorate one of them for a competition at the local Nature Center. She paited and colored it and won second place. This year the theme was recycling so Jason had the idea to save our cans for a while. He used the tin cutters to cut the cans apart and wrapped the birdhouse using a staplegun. Cassidy helped the whole time and she won first place this year. We are out of birdhouses so we need some more for next year Grandpa Milt. :)

Baby Hunter's new room.
Aunt Allison holding her new nephew.
Hunter Allen Heatwole, what a handsome baby!
Hey Hunter, what is happening?
So cute!!!
Allison's sister, Kim, and her husband, Justin, had their new baby in February and Allison was able to fly down to see him when he got home from the hospital. He is a beautiful baby boy and loved instantly by everyone, especially his Aunt Allison. She must love him a lot to spend the weekend sleeping in Kaydence's twin bed and getting up all through the nighgt to hang out with him. Allison is too old for that!

Kyle Kover, Jazz player, at one of Zack's basketball clinics.
Cassidy's team, the Glamor Girls, playing some defense.
Cassidy shooting some hoops.
Zack hanging out with his team.
Zack ready for his first season of basketball.
Both of the kids were able to play basketball this winter and loved it. It is so great to have so many opportunities for the kids to play athletics in our community.

Allison loosing her tube on a wicked jump.
Zack enjoying a run down the hill.
Allison and Zack racing up the hill.
Cassidy getting ready to head down the hill.
Zack enjoying a wonderful day of sledding.
The new Frontrunner station up the street from us entertains us in another way as well. When winter came it proved to have one of the best sledding hills around. Yea! No more searching for the perfect place to sled each winter, it is less than a mile from our house.

We were able to stop in Veyo to see Jason's Great Granpa Rudy and Great Grandma Barbara and were very glad we did. This was the last time we were able to see grandma alive alive, she died less than two months later. We love and miss miss her very much.

Great Grandma Zola and Grandma Lora Lee watch the kiddos unwrap their gifts.
Hanging out at Justin and Kim's house unwrapping some presents.
Kaydence entertains everyone! ;)
Papa Allen looks on, he doesn't look much like the grinch this year.
Zack and one of the doggies check out the tree on Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Oh Christmas Tree!
Cassidy gives her daddy a hug.
Ahhhh! At Chistmastime even brothers and sisters are feeling the Christmas spirit.
Zack giving his daddy a love.
We had a quiet Christmas at home then it was on to Page, Arizona for a family Christmas with Allison's parents and sister.

Scott, Amy, Allison, and Jason dressed to go to a murder mystery dinner at Rex and Linda's.
The boys saw Jason's mustache and wanted to wear one to.
Scott had an evolving look...a unibrow...
a mustache...which is it?

The Three Amigos.
Rex and Linda planned a murder mystery dinner at their house while we were in town and invited all the kids that were in Helena and some of their friends, Papa Ted and Grandma Ronna babysat. It was a lot of fun and the food was awesome. It turned out Allison "did it", who knew!

Grandpa Milt hanging out with his buddy Riley.
The boys watching a movie and playing "ninjas".
Uncle Jason giving Paityn a ride.
Milt and Ted heading to a football game dressed for the Montana weather.
Grandma Jane hanging out where she always is, the kitchen.
We spent Thanksgiving in Montana and had a wonderful time with Jason's family. We ate, visited, ate, visited, and ate. :)