Friday, May 15, 2009

The new swingset, a.k.a. the scene of the accident.

Zack and Timmy after cast #2.
Putting on cast #2.

After they cut off cast #1.
Finishing up putting on cast #1.
Zack with his splint before cast #1 got put on.
(I forget the pictures upload backwards!)

Cassidy explaining her birdhouse.
Cassidy's birdhouse hanging on a tree at the exhibit.

Cassidy dropping her birhouse off to be judged (after a soccer game).

Zack and Cassidy's baseball team coached by Jason's old mission companion, Jeff Harrop.
Zack and Cassidy in the dugout.
Zack hitting the ball one handed.
Cassidy and Zack hanging out in the outfield waiting for action.
A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. The biggest event being Zack breaking his arm the weekend after Easter. He was playing on his brand new swingset, remember that Cassidy broke her arm on our old swingset when she was five, and doing a neat trick on the rings to show his friend. Well, he landed left arm first on the ground and ended up breaking both bones in his arm, his radius and ulna. We sent his poor little friend home and rushed him to the ER, Jason was outside when it happened and took one look at his arm and knew it was broken. We spent about three hours in the ER. They had to sedate Zack to set the arm since the breaks were so bad but there was an orthopedic surgeon on call so we know it was done right. He was in a lot of pain but did as good as you can expect a scared little boy to do. He wore a split until that Friday then we went to get in casted to his armpit. He planned all week that his first cast was going to be blue and if he got to another one it would be black. I took him back to school with a sharpie and he came home with the whole thing written on. He and I went back to the ortho's office today to have the cast cut off, more x-rays taken and a new cast (the black one) put on. He freaked when he got a glimpse of the saw even though I spent all morning preparing him. It was pretty scarey I imagine. He insisted that the same guy that did his x-rays and put on his first cast, Timmy, put on his second cast so we had to wait a little while for him to be free to do it. He will wear this cast, it is only about 7 inches long, until the 3rd of June. Luckily he will get it off before mom and dad head to Mexico and the kids head camping with grandma and grandpa on the 5th.
Cassidy recieved quite an honor last month. She heard about a bird house competetion from her 3rd grade teacher and after her class did one she decided she wanted to enter her own. We took one of the birdhouses that Jason's Grandpa Milt made and let her paint and decorate it however she wanted. We were invited to the awards ceremony at The Nature Center in Ogden, where the competition took place and Cassidy recieved second place in the kid's category for "form and functionality" (thanks to Grandpa Milt). She was asked to talk about her bird house then recieved a ten dollar prize for it. It was very special to her and exciting to see her birdhouse displayed at The Nature Center, where it will be until August.
Soccer is winding down. A few of Zack's 10:00 games have been cancelled but the weather has always cleared up anough by 1:00 for Cassidy to play. They have one game left tomorrow. They both stated playing baseball a few weeks ago. Zack really could have played T-ball one more year but we didn't want to be up at the ball field Monday-Thursday like we were last year for games so we decided to put them both on the same coach pitch team. This is the last year Cassidy can play in this league as 4th grade girls and older start playing softball. Jason's friend and old mission companion Jeff Harrop is coaching the team so it is fun to see him and my old roommate Dalyce, who he is married to, more often. It is sad that they live in the same city as us but we go months without talking to them sometimes. It has been fun so far and having a cast hasn't slowed Zack down at all.
We are all anticipating the end of the school year as well as a visit from Jason's youngest brother, Scott, and his family for Memorial Day weekend.