Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, I think I put on the "Thankgiving Five" for sure. Can my mother-in-law cook or what! I don't think I felt a hunger pain at all for five days straight. Ronna made turkey dinner, shrimp scampi, and a ham dinner that were all CRAZY good. Linda also cooked an INCREDIBLE dinner of pulled pork and potatoes, mmmmm! And Amy's bisquits and gravy, to die for. I was full all the way to Idaho Falls after her delicious breakfast! We stayed at Jason's brother's place and it was wonderful. They have such a beautiful home and Zack and Kaleb were like peas and carrots the entire time, and Kaden was always close behind. The only time they weren't together is when they were sleeping. Zack insisted on wearing his Spiderman Halloween costume about 75% of the trip, he even traveled in it, too funny! I guess I am getting my money's worth outta that costume. Cassidy felt a bit left out with all of the boy play going on so Grandma Ronna kept buying her surprises and we had a girl's afternoon and went to see Enchanted, so funny. Cassidy was in the middle of a candy bar sale for school while we were in Montana so she was quite into having everyone buy chocolate from her. I am sure if aunt Jill would have been there she would ahve sold out! ;) I actually did the after Thanksgiving sale thing this year with my Pfister Sister, Amy. We had a great time even though I did have to get up at 4:15 and freeze my butt off. She sure knows how to shop! What a great trip, it sure was hard to come back and go to work today but here I am. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had time to reflect on what you are thankful for.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Look, no cavaties!" I had to take pictures of Zack at the dentist last Wednesday because he was too funny. He has on sunglasses because he hates the bright light in his eyes and he has on earphones because he was watching/listening to The Little Mermaid (his choice) while he was getting his teeth "tickled". No cavaties between Cassidy, Zack, and I though. We'll have to see if Jason does as well when he goes to the dentist next month.

Friday, November 16, 2007

We went bowling last Friday at a place called Fat Cats in the same building as the Flowrider Jason and I did a few weeks ago, we had free coupons that I got at my work for bowling. After we bowled we got some delicious pizza and twisting breadsticks at the Pizza Factory, Cassidy is devouring one in this picture. Cassidy creamed Zack and in a game of bowling but Jason had to show off and beat us all. It was a great time for all.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I blogged a ton of pictures today so scroll down and enjoy. We are headed to Jason's aunt and uncle's house for dinner and Family Home Evening tonight. I am going to have to be careful after how much food I ate yesterday, luncheon at Jeff and Dalyce's and then Jason's favorite (chicken and dumplins' and birthday cake) for dinner. Actually my friend Camille and I made a pact, inspired by the gym we go to, we are not going to eat any sugar for two weeks. We are hoping after two weeks we just won't want it anymore. I am just thinking in two weeks it will be Thanksgiving and I will be in Montana so I am glad we only made it for two weeks. We are watching each others backs here at school, she gave me two peices of gum to help me out, but I don't know how I will do when I am home without her watchful eye. It will be hard at Jill's tonight because she makes the best food ever, I will just have to have seconds on dinner.
I love the beautiful weather we are having, in fact I think I will run to Jason's aunt and uncle's house after work then the calories from my seconds won't even count. YEA! :)
I hope everyone is doing well and happy. We get to see Jason's family for Thanksgiving and I am so looking forward to that. Talk to you all soon.

Happy 34th Birthday to Jason! We had a pretty quiet Sunday at home for Jason's special day. We did go to our friends' (Dalyce and Jeff) baby blessing for their little Niyah Jadah Harrop. It was a beautiful blessing and testimony meeting, it is always fun to see friends that we haven't see in a while and eat until you feel sick. I think I ate like 2,000 calories worth at the luncheon after the blessing, it was so good. We went home to take an awesome Sunday nap but Zack only slept about 45 minutes then woke us all up. We just laid around in our pj's all day while Jason played with his favorite birthday present ever, an IPOD Classic 160. He has synced it to our home computer so all of our music and pictures are on it. If our home computer ever crashes we won't loose any important info. Thank goodness, I was so worried about that, can you tell?
These aren't the best pictures ever but these are pics of what Jason wanted to do for his birthday, the Flowrider. There is a new building in Ogden called the Solomon Center that houses a pizza place, an arcade, bowling alley, gym, climbing wall, restaurant, and flowrider. It is an indoor surfing pool that is actually VERY difficult. We had a great time falling on our butts though! Jason surfed and I boogie boarded, I tried surfing twice but I didn't like having further to fall. After you fall you get washed up a hill by the rushing water, crazy but I am sure we will be trying it again to see if we can get any better at it, you'd think after all of the wakeboarding we did this summer we would be PROS!

This is how our jack-o-lanterns turned out this year. Jason wanted to just paint them so I guess we will do that next year because I didn't have time to run out and buy any this year, so it goes. We went to the carnival at church and Cassidy and Zack played pin the stem on the pumpkin (obviously not very well), pumpkin plinko, fishing pond, and a cake walk. Cassidy even won me a dozen doughnuts at the cake walk! YEA!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here is the orange and black witch and Spiderman all set to head out trick-or-treating. You can barely tell it is Zack and with all of the Spidermen out I am surprised I made it home with the right one. Zack got a little worn out after a while but Cassidy and her friend Emmmalee that we brought with us could have trick-or-treated all night long. I think my kids enjoyed handing out candy more than getting it. They kept fighting over who got to answer the door and hand out candy. I dressed up as a Pink Lady, luckily I had the costume from the play I did last year, but there is no photgraphic proof thank goodness. It was too funny because all of my students kept asking who I was supposed to be. I guess they are in the wrong generation to get it, I dressed for the adults this year.

These pics are of my sister and mom's visit to my house a few weeks ago. Aren't Kaydence and Zack cute playing the fishin' game? Kim, my mom, Jason and I had a great time shopping at the mall and various stores. We also went out to dinner at Cafe Rio, lunch at Olive Gaden, and Kim, Jason and I were able to make it to a movie while my mom watched the kiddos for us. It was so fun to see them and play for the weekend. By the way, my dad got left at home because he was being grumpy but Zack says, "Grandpa is always grumpy.", too funny!
Here are some pictures of Cassidy and I at the Hannah Montana concert. The stage was FOREVER away so the little people you see are the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. We had a GREAT time. We were singing and dancing the whole concert. Personally, I loved Miley Cyrus the best and now have her CD in my car all of time. GNO ROCKS! (Girl's Night Out for those that don't know the Hannah lingo).