Monday, November 05, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here is the orange and black witch and Spiderman all set to head out trick-or-treating. You can barely tell it is Zack and with all of the Spidermen out I am surprised I made it home with the right one. Zack got a little worn out after a while but Cassidy and her friend Emmmalee that we brought with us could have trick-or-treated all night long. I think my kids enjoyed handing out candy more than getting it. They kept fighting over who got to answer the door and hand out candy. I dressed up as a Pink Lady, luckily I had the costume from the play I did last year, but there is no photgraphic proof thank goodness. It was too funny because all of my students kept asking who I was supposed to be. I guess they are in the wrong generation to get it, I dressed for the adults this year.

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