Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robin, Clayton, and his mom (Mary Brown).

Jason and I at the reception.

I guess this is a Brown family tradition, some of the girls lip sync to the song "You Will Be His" and do a little dance to it as well.

Cassidy just missed the bouquet and felt bad about it so Robin gave her some other flowers.

Rich, Mark, Clayton, and Jason at the reception.

Provo Temple

The entire Brown family, minus Tyler who is on a mission. 13 kids altogether!

Robin and Clayton on their way out of the temple.

Robin and Clayton in front of the temple fountains at sunset, they should have hired me to do their pictures, huh!

Robin, Clayton, and Robin's three kids. Clayton got married and became a father all in one day!
Well, Clayton Brown is married! Clayton and Jason were good friends in high school, went to Rick's for a while together, and have just been friends for years. In fact, everyone in Helena, Montana knows the Brown family, infamous for having 13 kids. He got married last Saturday in the Provo temple since we live so close we had to make it down. Two of Jason's other friends from Helena, Rich and Mark, drove down to our place on Friday and picked up Jason to head down to Provo for one last night with single Clayton. They stayed there for the night and hung out the next day. After Cassidy's basketball game the kids and I headed to Provo as well, about an hour drive (depending on traffic). I had to go because I promised Jason's sister, Jill, that I would take lots of pictures and I knew Jason couldn't be trusted to do that.
We waited outside the temple, a beautiful fall day for mid-November, for the happy couple to come out then headed over to the church for the evening. It was a beautiful reception with lots of food, family, and even some entertainment. Some of the Brown girls did a dance, then Clay's new wife played the piano while one of his sisters sang a song. Finally it was time for something they do at every reception, four of the Brown sisters did a lip sync and dance, it was really cute.
We stayed for almost the entire reception and ate a ton of food and enjoyed catching up with the people that we saw there as well as with Rich and Mark.
Robin has three kids from a previous marriage, they are 8, 5, and 2, so Clayton gained a wife and three kids all in one day. He was so happy that he said his face hurt from smiling so much. They make a very cute couple and we wish them them all the happiness in the world.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Birthday HONEY!!! I just wanted to wish Jason the best birthday ever and let you all know that he is 35 tomorrow. I hope he has the best birthday ever and knows how much I love him!
Zack as Anakin Skywalker, before he turned to "The Dark Side" of course.
Cassidy as Hannah Montana, no autographs please!
Well, October is over and here it is November already. Time seems to get away from me lately. I thought I better sit down and blog the past month to catch everyone up to date. Things are great here and we are having a great time. Jason has been gone hunring quite a bit this past month, both deer and elk, with a rifle, a muzzle loader, and a bow. I don't mind it as much when he goes with friends but it does seem like we have hardly seen him this past month. He is either hunting or talking about and planning the next one.
School is going great for the kids, they are both loving their teachers and their class. The soccer season ended with Zack loving his first year and Cassidy learning more then ever with two great coaches. She is starting basketball now so Jason said he would be an assitant coach and help out as needed since this is a sport he understands better. They both had so much fun trick-or-treating and dressing up for Halloween. It was tons of fun and the weather was fantastic.
I have been busy with work and subbing on a few days off to make some extra cash. I spend most of my days off doing the laundry and cleaning the house, FUN! I am bummed that running weather is about over and I hate running on the treadmill. I hope I can keep my butt going to the gym so I don't undo any good I did this summer.
We are looking forward to a trip to Page for Thanksgiving, with a pit stop in St. George to see Grandpa and Grandma Pfister, and a trip to Helena for Christmas.

I can't believe I actually put this picture on my blog but it was pretty funny. This is me as a gangsta for Halloween with my friend's brother, Hughes (this is how he always dresses). I am wearing all of Jason's clothes, but I had them washed and returned before he got back.
Cassidy, Elauna, Elli, and Zack all ready to go trick-or-treating.

Baby Livie, Princess Leah. SO CUTE!

Beau, Emmalene, and Elivia as Anakin, Patame, and Pricess Leah.

Zack, a.k.a. Anakin, and Hannah Montana, I mean Cassidy, all ready for Halloween.
Jason was muzzle loader elk hunting during Halloween this year so that is why you don't see him. Cassidy and Zack had a ton of fun trick-or-treating with our friends Beau, Emmalene, and their family then going back to their house to hang out after. It was the most beautiful Halloween weather wise that I can remember. So nice in fact we were taking pieces of our costumes off rather than putting winter coats on like other Halloweens since I have lived here in Northern Utah.

High School Musical 3 premiere.
Elauna, Cassidy, and Ky heading to the movie. GNO!!!

A few girls on Cassidy's basketball team, The Glamour Girls.

The Lady Fitness workout crew at Karianne's wedding (l to r: Danielle, Amy, Karianne, Allison, and Tiffany).
Here are some candid shots of us going to High School Musical 3 with some of our friends. A picture of Cassidy at her first basketball game (in her second game she made a their first point, a free throw shot). They are currently 0-2. The last is of myself and some friends at my good friend Karianne's wedding reception. I was able to go to her temple wedding earlier that day, it was so beautiful. Congrats Kari!

Here are our pumpkins Zack, Cassidy, Allison, and Jason's.
Cassidy and Zack decorating their pumpkins.

Jason and his "hockey mask" pumpkin.

Allison's pretty pumpkin.

Jason helps Cassidy decorate her pumkin.
We decided instead of carving or painting pumkins this year we would decorate them instead. Jason had the idea to use construction paper and straight pins to fasten our designs on our pumpkins. So we spent the evening making out pumpkins perfect.

Grandma Lora Lee jumping on the tramp with the kiddos.
Kim and Granpa Allen hanging out on the deck.

Jason, Justin, and Kim enjoying the sunshine.

Kaydence and Zack going for an afternoon drive in the backyard.
My parents and Kim decided to come up for a visit for UEA weekend, the kids and I had a four day weekend. We had so much fun hanging out in the warm sun, going to Cassidy and Zack's last soccer games of the season, and going to the new Chuck E. Cheese (I am convinced this is what hell is like for adults and heaven is like for kids). Kim, Justin, Jason, and I were even able to go out for a night on the town while awesome grandma babysat for us. We couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend and it was so great to see my family.

The view out my front door.
The willow tree collapsed on the deckin the back yard.

The willow tree's split trunk.

The stump that is the memory of where the tree once stood.

On Sunday, October 12th we had a freak early winter storm and it did all sorts of damage in and around the neighborhood as well in the Salt Lake area. Roy and West Haven got the most snow out of the storm, a record 12 inches (a FREAKIN' foot of snow in October, I KNOW!!). Well, our beautiful willow tree was a statistic. We were worried this might happen so Jason had gone outside and shook all of the trees in our yard to keep the heavy snow from weighing them down. However, the next time we looked out the window, part of the tree was laying on our deck. We both bundled up and ran outside and I went door to door l0oking for a chainsaw. Luckily a neighbor had one, in fact he works for the poweer company as a tree trimmer, and was willing to help us out. The next day was Columbus Day so Jason and his friend Mike spent the day cleaning up the branches and taking loads to the dump. So, needless to say, we don't have much shade in our yard anymore!