Monday, November 03, 2008

The view out my front door.
The willow tree collapsed on the deckin the back yard.

The willow tree's split trunk.

The stump that is the memory of where the tree once stood.

On Sunday, October 12th we had a freak early winter storm and it did all sorts of damage in and around the neighborhood as well in the Salt Lake area. Roy and West Haven got the most snow out of the storm, a record 12 inches (a FREAKIN' foot of snow in October, I KNOW!!). Well, our beautiful willow tree was a statistic. We were worried this might happen so Jason had gone outside and shook all of the trees in our yard to keep the heavy snow from weighing them down. However, the next time we looked out the window, part of the tree was laying on our deck. We both bundled up and ran outside and I went door to door l0oking for a chainsaw. Luckily a neighbor had one, in fact he works for the poweer company as a tree trimmer, and was willing to help us out. The next day was Columbus Day so Jason and his friend Mike spent the day cleaning up the branches and taking loads to the dump. So, needless to say, we don't have much shade in our yard anymore!

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