Friday, October 03, 2008

Nothing much new to report, same ol' same ol' here. We are just going through the motions of the day to day.

Jason has been doing a lot of hunting the past two weeks, one time by himself (I hate that) the other with his "brother from another mother", Mike. Both times he came home without a deer but he had some fun stories to share. I guess since the mussle loader hunt was unsuccessful he will be rifle hunting in a few weeks so he can still fill his tag for the year. He is also planning on elk hunting with Mike Halloween weekend so maybe we will get some wild meat after all, not that I want it.

Cassidy and Zack are busy with school. Zack thinks home lunches are novel, it is funny how something so little can be such a big deal to him. I did get a call from the lunchroom at school the other day saying his account was overdrawn at school, I couldn't figure out how that would happen since I always pay a month at a time for school lunch. Well, come to find out he has been eating breakfast at home then eating breakfast again at school. Too funny! I had to tell him no more school breakfast but if he needs more food at home to tell me and we can fix a bigger breakfast. Maybe when it gets cold in the winter I will let him and Cassidy eat breakfast so they don't have to wait for the bell outside. Cassidy is home with strep throat today, she wasn't feeling well on Wednesday but since dad was hunting, I had to work , and it was short day I told her to tough it out. I am such a mean mom. She got home and laid in the same position on the couch all afternoon, so I took her to the doctor on Thursday. The rapid strep test came back so fast that I felt horrible for the poor little thing. She was feeling better today but her grade was going on a hiking field trip up the canyon so I decided that was an activity she had better not participate in today. So, we stayed home together and she helped me clean the bathrooms. We also took her to Emmalene's to get her hair cut. Jason, Zack and I got ours done yesterday. She decided she wanted some whispy bangs, because I got some last night. She just wanted some to push to the side, not like Demi Lovato (the funny thing is everyone with kids has seen Camp Rock so the hairdresser knew exactly what she meant). They look pretty cute on her but make her look older, not sure if I like that!

I have been busy with work. It has been a very stressful year with the new reading program adaoption and getting used to all of the new materials, those that have arrived at the school that is. I am keeping an open mind and using everything with "fidelity", like they asked at our training, but it leaves little room for fun. My students this year are very disrepectful so I am spending a lot of time enforcing rules so I am sure I look like the bad guy but what are you gonna do! I continue to tell them that when they are respectful they get rewards and give them a taste of something awesome, hopefully that will end up working soon. My job share partner is a a first year teacher and I think she is a bit overwhelmed with their behavior. I have assured her that not every class is like this and we will get them broken it, it just might take until Christmas! Hopefully both of us stop going home with headaches soon. :o)

So, Jason and I are off to his mission reunion tonight. We are going with Jeff and Dalyce, his friend from his mission and my girlfriend from college that got married. Her mom is coming down from Logan to watch all five kids so I hope it ends up being a positive experience and not craziness for her. Cassidy and Stacy play pretty good and Talon and Zack are buddies, the boys just like to bug the girls. Dalyce says her baby is teething so hopefully she will be happy for grandma. We are just headed to Bountiful so it won't be too late of a night.

My sister's little one, Kaydence, is three years old today! I can't believe it. Happy birthday sweetie, Auntie Allison loves you!