Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love this one with Zack crossing his little legs!

I once caught a fish that was THIS big! That is what Zack can say now. We went ice fishing in East Canyon, where we go boating during the summer, and had a greatime. It was a beautiful day and we were able to stay nice, toasty, and comfortable as we fished for the afternoon. Zack used his new Spiderman fishing pole that he got from Grandpa Rex and Grandma Linda for Christmas and it proved to be the best, he is the only one who caught anything. I should take a picture of my family today because they are all so sunburnt! Their poor little faces are so red. Good thing I am an old woman worried about their skin now so I wear a moisterizer with SPF 15 of greater everyday, chalk one up for Mary Kay.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We decided to put all of this snow to good use and go sledding. We went to a hill right next to the golf course on Hill Air Force Base and it proved to be just perfect. The walk back up was very tiring but we got a few good runs in before we were pooped out. Cassidy even went so fast one time that she hit the chain link fence at the bottom of the hill, no bumps or bruises though.

We went to Jazz game last week and they had mascots there from all over the NBA to celebrate the Jazz Bear's birthday. We had so much fun getting autographs from all of the mascots and snapping pictures with and of them. They did incredible and funny stunts throughout the entire game and the Jazz beat the Knicks as well so it was really cool.