Monday, November 03, 2008

Zack as Anakin Skywalker, before he turned to "The Dark Side" of course.
Cassidy as Hannah Montana, no autographs please!
Well, October is over and here it is November already. Time seems to get away from me lately. I thought I better sit down and blog the past month to catch everyone up to date. Things are great here and we are having a great time. Jason has been gone hunring quite a bit this past month, both deer and elk, with a rifle, a muzzle loader, and a bow. I don't mind it as much when he goes with friends but it does seem like we have hardly seen him this past month. He is either hunting or talking about and planning the next one.
School is going great for the kids, they are both loving their teachers and their class. The soccer season ended with Zack loving his first year and Cassidy learning more then ever with two great coaches. She is starting basketball now so Jason said he would be an assitant coach and help out as needed since this is a sport he understands better. They both had so much fun trick-or-treating and dressing up for Halloween. It was tons of fun and the weather was fantastic.
I have been busy with work and subbing on a few days off to make some extra cash. I spend most of my days off doing the laundry and cleaning the house, FUN! I am bummed that running weather is about over and I hate running on the treadmill. I hope I can keep my butt going to the gym so I don't undo any good I did this summer.
We are looking forward to a trip to Page for Thanksgiving, with a pit stop in St. George to see Grandpa and Grandma Pfister, and a trip to Helena for Christmas.

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