Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy 34th Birthday to Jason! We had a pretty quiet Sunday at home for Jason's special day. We did go to our friends' (Dalyce and Jeff) baby blessing for their little Niyah Jadah Harrop. It was a beautiful blessing and testimony meeting, it is always fun to see friends that we haven't see in a while and eat until you feel sick. I think I ate like 2,000 calories worth at the luncheon after the blessing, it was so good. We went home to take an awesome Sunday nap but Zack only slept about 45 minutes then woke us all up. We just laid around in our pj's all day while Jason played with his favorite birthday present ever, an IPOD Classic 160. He has synced it to our home computer so all of our music and pictures are on it. If our home computer ever crashes we won't loose any important info. Thank goodness, I was so worried about that, can you tell?

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