Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cassidy and Jason working on her birdhouse.

The finished product.
Cassidy recieving her first place award in the child's competition.
Cassidy with her birdhouse on the trail.
We have had a few of Grandpa Milt's birdhouses in our garage and last spring Cassidy got the idea from her third grade teacher to decorate one of them for a competition at the local Nature Center. She paited and colored it and won second place. This year the theme was recycling so Jason had the idea to save our cans for a while. He used the tin cutters to cut the cans apart and wrapped the birdhouse using a staplegun. Cassidy helped the whole time and she won first place this year. We are out of birdhouses so we need some more for next year Grandpa Milt. :)

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