Sunday, April 25, 2010

I spent my Sunday evening posting all of the pictures off of my hard drive from every activity from Halloween through today. I really don't want to do that again so I better stay on top of my posts again, didn't I say that last time I posted, in NOVEMBER! Wow! How time flies.

Things continue to go well here. Cassidy and I are recovering from a very nasty cold and Zack has had quite a cough the last week. We have been keeping a low profile and trying to get better. We are all anticipating the summer, except Jason I guess since he is the only one that has to work around here in the summer. Spring has been taunting us with a few nice days in a row then the weather takes a turn towards winter again so it will at least be nice when it gets warm and stays warm, and you can quote me on that in mid July.

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoys catching up with our family for the past few months.

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