Saturday, February 14, 2009

The whole family at iRock climbing wall. I was looking at the past few pictures I have posted and was laughing because evry picture I post of myself shows me with straight hair. I really don't straighten my hair more than twice a month or so but everytime I do is when the camera is out. Allison doing her thing, man I hate looking at my butt in a harness!
Jason making sure the kids climb safe.
Cassidy starting a climb.
Zack stopping to say cheese while he is scaling the wall. GO SPIDERMAN!
Happy Valentine's Day! Jason and I decided to take turns being in charge of romantic holidays, i.e. Valentine's Day and our anniversary. I do the odd years and he does the even. For Valentine's Day this year I decided to take the whole family climbing at an indoor rock wall. Cassidy has done it before, at a birthday party a few years ago and I used to go rappelling in college back at Dixie, Jason and Zack hadn't been before. I was really excited to take Jason to do something new and hoped that the kids would enjoy it and not be too afraid to do it. Both of them began climbing right away and their favorite part was hanging in the air after a climb. Jason did awesome and seemed to really enjoy it. I made it to the top of the wall in one area twice. :) We climbed until our hands hurt and then headed to lunch. It snowed really hard all morning so the roads were pretty crazy, we didn't want to do much besides that. Since we have been home the kids and I watched Madagascar 2 while Jaosn took a nap and then shoveled the driveway. I just finished making a double batch of no bake cookies so we will end up eating our weight in those tonight I am sure. Also, I have a few things planned for just the two or us after the kiddos go to bed. ;)
We bought each other shoes, me new running shoes and Jason new work/dress shoes, a few weeks ago and decided to call it our gifts to each other for Valentine's Day. Of course I couldn't leave it at that so I bought him some candy he really likes and an itunes gift card and he surprised me with a gift card for a hot stone massage, isn't he AWESOME!
Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal to us because it is the day Jason proposed to me on my ugly couch in my apartment in Cedar City when I was going to SUU and he was going to Rick's. 12 years ago today, CRAZY!


Jaimers said...

How fun! I wish my butt looked like yours in a harness! xx

Stephanie and J.C. said...

Ugly couch my butt. Speaking of butt's. Oh I crack myself up. There I go again. Hee hee.
P.S. I really wasn't the one swearing. I thought it was all kindof humerous. Remember when I got us stuck in the snow on Cedar Mtn? You were about crying. Me, I was a cool chick.