Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, yesterday was the first day of school for Cassidy and I. She was a bit nervous but came home loving her first day back. My first day was hectic, as always. Trying to get the kids where they are supposed to be and ready to sit and listen after a long summer break. I feel their pain, really I do, but the longer it takes me to get them all organized and taught all of thr rules and procedure the worse it is. I think I am going to love my new schedule though. I work Monday and Tuesday all day then a half a day Wednesday. I am off on Thursday and Friday. Today Zack and I had lunch with Jason then I went and spent $50 on some new pants. All of my old jeans are too big and after all of the time my mom spent fixing all of my shorts so they would drown me I didn't want to ask her to do my pants too. I sold three pair to a store called "Platos Closet" That buys old clothes and resells them but only got $22.55, what a rip off. I should have just given them to the DI. Oh well, at least I have new pants, a size smaller, always a happy thing.
Jason went deer hunting this past weekend, archery, and gor a deer. I was really happy because this means two things, he came home happy and he filled his tag so he doesn't need to go rifle hunting this year! YEA!
I have been way busy in my classroom, I think I put in like 50 hours setting things up last week, CRAZY! I even worked on Saturday, since Jason was gone hunting, and I brought the kids in with me. Cassidy and I went on the computer that day and got ourself tickets to the Hannah Montana concert in Salt Lake City in October. She is so excited, between Hannah Montana and High School Musical her life is full.
I just finished reading two Stephanie Meyer books, Twilight and New Moon, I guess the new book by her comes out this month sometime. I am totally addicted so I can't wait to read it. Who knows where I find the time for that, I think I have read about 7 books this summer (the Shopaholic series, Twilight and New Moon and the new book by the traveling pants author, The Last Summer Of You and Me).
Zack turns 4 on Tuesday, can you believe that? We are having a family BBQ/Pirate Party to celebrate on Sunday. Jason leaves for Alaska to visit his brother on Wednesday and is so excited for that. I am going to take my kids and head to my mom and dad's for the long weekend so I am not all alone. I might even head over to St. George with my sister a day for some shopping, kid free, YEA!

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