Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am such a slacker and I really have no excuse other than that I have been too busy at work to sit down and update this thing and I hate using my computer at home to do so because it is so dang slow. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying what we have left of decent weather. I am so not excited for winter this year, The idea of being cold does not appeal to me at all and the tastes of winter weather that we have had thus far have just upset me to the point of refusing to leave my house. It has been crazy at school this year. I love the new schedule and having a few days off each week to get my chores done but I hate working all day and all that goes with it, I am so burnt out by the time I get home in the afternoon I have a hard time being patient with my own kids on Monday and Tuesday so that is hard. Jason has been doing lots of stuff as well both at work and on the side. The mighty hunter got a deer during the bow hunt, don't know if I have mentioned that yet, and 50 punds of fish from Alaska. We haven't had to buy anything but chicken in a while. Cassidy is working hard in second grade and her biggest challenge is probably the spelling tests she has each Friday. She usually only misses one or two, if any, but it really stresses her out. She has been busy with soccer and dance but that will slow down as her last soccer practice is today and her last game is on Saturday, until the spring. She will continue to have dance practice every Tuesday evening though. She danced in the halftime show of a local football game, in the freezing rain might I add, and had a ball (I will blog some pics of it). Zack keeps me running all the time. He and I get to hang out on Thursday and Friday while sissy is at school. We get to lunch with daddy, have play dates, go shopping, take naps, etc. It has been fun to have some time alone with him. Cassidy and I have tickets to the much anticipated Hannah Montana concert on Saturday, October 27th so we have a countdown going for that. That pretty much catches everyone up to date with us. I guess I will blog some pics for everyone to take a peek at!

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