Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today we went bowling with Kathy, Jason's cousin, her husband Ty, and their three boys. It was so much fun to have somewhere to be during the Christmas Break. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the time off of work but it is so nice to have something planned each day to break things up a bit. We met at Sparetime Family Fun Center, a renovated bowling alley in Roy, at about noon and bowled a few games. The kids lost interest after one game but the adults kept trying to outdo each other with our skills. These are a few pictures of Ty and Kathy with their kids (Dominic, Carter, and Brice) as well as one candid of Jason with his pink ball that everyone was giving him a hard time for using. Tomorrow we are planning on heading down to Salt Lake City to shop a bit and return a few gifts that were the incorrect size. Then on Friday we are meeting up with Ty and Kathy again to go and see the new National Treasure movie with our families. It is so nice to have people to hang out with that live close by and have kids about the same age as ours and it is a bonus that we are actually related to them. We really dig hanging out with the Emerson's and it is never a dull moment when we do.

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