Friday, April 18, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures of Cassidy's second soccer game of the spring season. She scored a goal at her first game but my fingers were too cold to work my camera so I waited until a 68 degree game to pull it out. In the second picture she is the goalie getting ready to stop a goal.

If you don't like the weather wait ten minutes has been the phrase to live by for the last few weeks here. One day it is 76 then the very next day it is 35 and snowing, it is crazy. Today is supposed to be one of the nicer days but the wind is blowing so hard I don't know if we will enjoy it or not. We have had a lot of stuff going on at our house the last little while. From sick kids to a broken fridge that was luckily fixable; from a car that needs new tires to a babysitter that needed time off to deal with her kid with croup. I have been scrambling to find someone different to watch Zack everyday and get him to and from preschool or just plain taking a sick day. Hopefully we are at the end of it and life calms down soon.

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Jill said...

I love all the pictures from this post and before, I haven't been staying up on blogging, our life has been a little like yours lately(sickness, car that just got new tires) I feel your pain!

Cassidy looks like a natural at that soccer stuff, tell her "way to go girl" from me!