Monday, June 23, 2008

The world's most perfect birthday cake, decorated by the one and only Amy Pfister.
Kadin and Scott doing some bowling at the party.
All of the kiddos with their birthday cake.
Cassidy's first day with glasses.
Eating at P.F. Chang's in Salt Lake City with Papa Ted and the girls.

Well, we are back from Montana and I don't have a ton of time to blog but I wanted to get these pictures posted before I forgot about them. We had a great trip to see Jason's family, we missed you Jill and fam, and had tons of fun. We ate and ate and ate, which is usually the case in Montana, but at least I was able to get Jason to run with me a couple of times. We went to The Ox twice, of course, and ate some delicious meals at both Ronna, Scott and Amy, and Rex's places.

On Tuesday evening Ronna had a birthday party planned for all of the grandkids, since all of their birthday's are back to back in the summer, at the local bowling alley. We had pizza and bowled, Jason and his brothers were pretty fun to watch try and beat each other at a game and Cassidy was determined to beat Uncle Matt. Then, Aunt Amy had decorated a cake with six squares sectioned off, one decorated for each kid, is there anything that woman CAN'T do, and Grandma Ronna had a gift for each granchild to open. It was too cute.

We also went on a picnic to Memorial park, looked at Grandma Ronna's almost done house, went to a movie, the guys went golfing, and we just sat around and visited while the kids played. Brayden, Zack, and Kaleb are all pretty close in age so it was a love - hate thing going on with them. We had to seperate them a few times but all in all they had a great time. Cassidy played little mother the whole time and really like playing with the litrtle ones, Shelby and Kadin. The kids had their annual eye exams while we were in Helena at Grandma Ronna's work, Montana Eye Care, and it turned out that Cassidy was in need of her first pair of glasses. Jason was mad at me for being a little depressed about it but he didn't wear glasses from the time he was 8 or 9 until he was 30 like me either. I am trying to look at them as a cute fashion accessory and not as the pain in the butt I thought they were.

We got home on Saturday night then went to SLC on Sunday to meet Ted and his girls at the airport on their layover from Orlando and volleyball nationals, where they took 17th place. We took them to luch downtown then headed back home to make it to church.

We had so much fun and are looking forward to having Matt and Cassi come and stay at our house this weekend on their way to their new home in Sacramento.

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Jill said...

I'm bummed we weren't there too, those pictures look like you had a blast! Cassidy looks so adorable in her glasses, I hope she has adjusted to them better than I have!

On a side note,
I need you to email me your url for your blog, I accidentally deleted them when I changed my background! thanks