Thursday, November 16, 2006

No new pictures to post yet, I promise I will take some soon. I am sure I will take some over the Thanksgiving holiday if not sooner.
We had a very productive weekend. We got all of our shopping done for Jason's side of the family, that way we can take it all with us to Montana over Thanksgiving and not have to ship anything, and a couple for my family are done as well. Jason and I have decided we will both take a day off after Thanksgiving sometime and do the rest of our shopping kid free, we may even go to lunch together and make a date out of it (imagine that). I will be glad when that is all done.
The weather has cooled off drastically here, it is so depressing. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter and being cold? Cassidy and Zack can't wait for it to snow. They talk about how they will make snowballs and throw them at daddy, I'm sure Jason can't wait for that.
I am anticipating the weekend very much so. I have one more day this week then only a two day week next week, that is how it should always be. Who created the two day weekend and the five day work week? That guy should be shot! Jason and I have tickets to "Sweet Charity" in Salt Lake City on Saturday. I am so excited, and Jason is coming because he doesn't have a choice, I have been waiting to see this musical forever. The main song in it is "Big Spender" and that is the song that I used to sing in pagaents and use for auditions. I love it. An added bonus is Molly Ringwald is playing the lead, who doesn't want to see her perform! Jill's daughter (of Dale and Jill in Clinton, UT), Heidi, will be babysitting for us so we can go. I hope she is up for the 5 hour challenge.
I have gone to the gym everyday this week and it is the best feeling. I am really sore from working muscles I forgot I had but I feel awesome, I just hope I don't undo everything I have done over Thanksgiving.

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rjevelo said...

You guys are way too organized! We will miss you too, Russ and Mary will come over for Turkey, but really nothing exciting! I did go dark with some very subtle caramel highlights. The hairdresser said subtle, but she still charged me for them ($70 later) Anyway, good for you on working out, I also have gone 3 times this week. I really don't want to gain weight this winter! Hope you and Jason have a great time at the play, I had forgotten all about Molly Ringwald! I love her! Say hi to the fam for me!