Friday, November 17, 2006

Well, I didn't make it a full week. I am so mad at myself for not going to the gym yesterday. Cassidy had a dentist appointment right after she got off the school bus. She has been grinding her teeth at night just like her mom and has made divits in her molars that needed to be filled before she ground down to the nerves. They gave her nitrous to keep her calm and she was hillarious after. She was kinda ADHD after the procedure for awhile. I had to have impressions done for a new mouth guard for myself, speaking of grinding, my old one broke back in August and I have been grinding so hard I wake up with a aching jaw. Anyways, by the time we finished it was almost 5:00 so I thought I should probably start dinner and after that I lost all motivation, I hate going after I eat. I am hoping to make it today. Jason is hunting, the extended archery hunt, and says he will be back by 3:00 (we'll see about that). I have a doctor's appointment at 5:00 and then Bunco with my girlfriends at 7:00. I don't know if I will be able to squeeze the gym in there anywhere, I'll try though. I will have to definately go Saturday morning if not.
I need to make sure I have time this weekend to get everything I want to get done and still make it to the play Saturday afternoon. I want to get the good ol' house cleaned and all of my Christmas decor up so I can actually enjoy it for a while. I thought it might be nice to come back from our Thanksgiving trip to a clean and festive house. We'll see if it actually gets done. I also need to wrap all of the gifts to go to Montana. I am having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit so maybe that will help.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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