Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well, we are here in Montana and we found where winter has been hiding. It is here! It is supposed to be 46 today then get gradually colder until Sunday culminates with a high of 27. Shesh, I hope we can make it home. Not much to tell about the vacation yet. We are staying at Jason's dad's house for the trip so we have been mostly just hanging out here while him and Linda are at work today. I did manage to make it over to Jason's mom's house to run on her tredmill for 2 1/2 miles. It feels great that I felt the need to be dedicated to working out even over the break. I decided that I need to work off all of the calories that I plan on eating, I hope it proves to be a good system.
Cassidy has been sick so that has not been very much fun. I took her to the doctor onMonday, I had to get a sub that day, and they did a rapid strep that came back negative. She has had quite a nasty cough and ran a fever up to 103 on Monday. The cough still lingers but she seems to be feeling better, I hope we don't spread disease in Montana.
The musical "Sweet Charity" was amazing! I have never seen such fabulous choreography in my life. I was mesmorized the entire time, and Jason seemed to not hate it as well so that was a bonus. Molly Ringwald proved to be a great actor and singer but her dancing was a little weird. The other actors made up for it though.
Well, we are finally out the door. Headed to The Ox of course. We will miss Jill and family terribly and wish Matt, Cassi and kids could be here as well. Happy Turkey Day to all.

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