Monday, December 04, 2006

WOW, I am obviously not very good at keeping this blog updated. When the idea was new I had so many things to say but now I guess I am afraid I will bore the reader with the details and everyday comings and goings of my life.
We had a wonderful trip to Montana for Christmas. The weather got really cold and snowy while we were there. It was 7 degrees when we left, BRRRR!!! We came home to about the same thing though, it hasn't been over 32 degrees since. The food and family made the trip worth while though. Zack and his little cousin Kaleb were inseperable when they were together, it was very cute. I felt bad for Cassidy, she is always sad when we go to Montana and her cousin Madelynn isn't there. She spent most of the time drawing pictures for everyone. Zack was also best friends with Grandpa Rex. He was the only one allowed to bathe him the entire time we were there, I bet Rex misses that. Linda made a delicious family dinner on Friday night and then Ronna made a Thanksgiving feast on Saturday night. I ran on the treadmill at Ronna's twice while we were there, I hope that counteracted some of those holiday calories.
This past weekend we had to do some much needed grocery shopping, we hadn't been in about three or four weeks, and went to the mall on Saturday. That was a mistake, it was CRAZY! I forget what holiday shopping looks like. We took the kids to see "Flushed Away" at the theater in the mall, they both seemed to really like it and Jason and I even had a laugh or two. Just the usual on Sunday, 9:00 church then laying around relaxing the rest of the day. We did have our friends Mike and Rachelle and their kids over for Sunday dinner, thanks for the yummy porkloin Ronna, before he leaves to go TDY to Pennslyvania this morning. Always fun to have friends over to mix it up a bit.
I keep promising pictures but the truth is I usually update my blog at work while my students are doing their morning work and I keep forgeting to bring the memory card from the camera so I can actually do it. I will do it sometime soon, I promise :)

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rjevelo said...

Hey, sounds like a fun trip. We missed you all too, but we did like not having to travel. It has been cold and snowy here too, today is supposed to melt most of it though. Can't wait to see pictures of the kiddos, dad sent a few, but I don't know if they are from Thanksgiving.