Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here are some candids from our trip to Montana for Thanksgiving. I don't know Zack has his hand over his mouth in the picture with Kaden, just a three year old thing I guess! They were so fun to watch, they were best friends the entire time we were there. Very cute! Not the best picture of me,
but it looks as if I am having a great time tickle torturing the kids. Always a pleasure to make them giggle uncontrollably! The final picture is of Cassidy. I think she is Voguing or something. :) She loves the camera and striking poses, good thing she is so photogenic in the process. Jason and I took our camera to Helena with us but we never took it out of the case. I don't know what we were thinking. The only pictures we have are these that Rex took, thank goodness he got his camera out or we wouldn't have any pictures to share from the entire trip.
Jason and I went to my work Christmas party at a very yummy Mexican restaurant, Javier's, it was a really good time. They did a gift exchange, those are always funny, to see what people brought and steal one anothers gifts. We have our ward Christmas party tonight at church and I have Bonco tomorrow night. That means I don't have to cook dinner for three nights in a row, YEA!!!

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