Friday, November 10, 2006

Not much new today to tell. It is Veteran's Day and here at the school they had an hour long assembly to celebrate. I love an assembly. It cuts my four hours of work down to about nothing. I learned some pretty cool things about Veteran's Day too so that was a bonus. Jason is off today, lucky guy, so I called to see how he was doing during my recess and he was already at a huge sports store (Smith and Edwards). I guess that is one way to pass the time. I just hope he doesn't come home with any purchases.
No big plans for the weekend. We are going to Jason's cousin's house tonight to play games with her and her husband while the kids run wild. It should be fun. On Saturday we need to do some Christmas shopping. We want to take all of the gifts for Jason's family with us to Montana for Thanksgiving so we don't have to ship them. I think Jason has a guys night planned on Saturday night but we'll see about that!

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rjevelo said...

Hey, sounds like a fun filled weekend! Say hi to Cathy and her family for me, I assume that is the cousin you are talking about. I need to start Christmas shopping too, but I can't get in the mood. Well take care, have a fun weekend.