Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's here dang it! Winter has reared its ugly face. I woke up to the sound of rain at about 3:30 this morning and it hailed on me all the way to work. Zack was hiliarious when I dropped him off at the babysitter's house this morning. When he heard the hail hitting the car he said, "Oh my freakin' heck mom!". Where do they come up with this stuff? He was afraid to go out in the hail so he ran to the door, banged on it and cried until they let him in. I had to hold him for a minute to calm him down before I left. I guess he hates winter almost as much as his mom.
We went to Cassidy's Parent/Teacher Conference last night and she is doing so awesome. She is such a great student and enjoys learning so much, I am glad she is so excited about school it bears well since I am teacher and all.
Jason is so lucky, he has tomorrow off because it is Veteran's Day. You'd think they would cancel school as well, but no. He really needs a long weekend though, work has been exhausting. He has been having to attend a lot of classes on base lately so he is out of the office a lot. When he shows his face at his office everyone more or less attacks him with their computer problems and insists on him fixing them right then. He has barely been to his desk in a week.
I joined a gym on Saturday. They built a Lady Fitness near our home and I decided I would rather do that than drag the kids on base twice a week so I could go to the gym there, it was more hassle than it was worth. The classes at this gym are awesome. They have a body sculpting class that I enjoy as well as a buns and abs class that I go to. I have also been to a step class but figured out I really need to work on my cordination before I try that again, I looked like an idiot. I love running on the tredmills there because they acually face a TV instead of drywall like ours at home. It is amazing how fast the time flies when you watch Ellen while you run. I am planning on running a few 5K's this summer, maybe even a 10K, but I think a marathon or even a half-marathon was a stretch. I am kinda glad Jason's sister Jill couldn't make it to Provo in August to run the half-marathon we had signed up for. I am thinking it would have probably have been the death of me.
Off to face the first real day of winter here, hope all is well where you are.

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