Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I still don't know how to do pictures on my blog yet, I will bug Jason this weekend so he will teach me how to do it. That way you can all see pics of my cute little family.
The weather is still unbelievable here. It was 70 yesterday and is supposed to be 67 today. I just love it. I'm sure it will end soon because it is November in northern Utah after all. I need to get Jason on the roof to put up the Christmas lights before the snow starts to stick so he doesn't have an excuse not to put them up.
One drastic change, I dyed my hair completely brown. It is crazy to see myself in the mirror. Back to my origional color. Jason thinks it is funny to have to dye my hair back to get it the color it is supposed to be, but hey what woman knows what color their hair truely is. I'm sure some of you can relate.
I promise pictures soon.

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rjevelo said...

Ooh, I would love to see a picture of your new hairdo. I was just contemplating doing the same to mine, but I am a chicken, so maybe you could inspire me!
We would love to come home for TUrkey day, but Rick is gone until Monday, and then when he gets home I am putting him to work on the kids' rooms! I wish Wyoming didn't exist, then it would be so much shorter to go home!
Talk to ya later!