Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well, I decided to copy my wonderful sister-in-law, Jill, and start my own blog. I don't know how much I will actually have to say or if I will remember to update the thing but it is such a cute idea I had to try. Now I will just have to have Jason show me how to include pictures in my blog and I will be all set.
Things are realtively normal here right now. Just the regular grind of work right now. It is a beautiful Indian Summer here, the weather is just perfect. I am sure it won't stay that way for long. Zack and Cassidy both are anticipating the snow, they can't wait to play in it. I have other thoughts when it comes to winter, though I am excited to give snowskiing another try this winter. Jason and I got free lift passes for The Canyons at a Warren Miller movie that we are both excited to use.
Other than that, I will keep you updated as to the comings and goings and ins and outs of the Pfister family.

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rjevelo said...

Yay, I am so excited to see your blog! It is nice to just click on somewhere and see what your family is up to. Hope things are going well, I will look every day to see if you have posted anything. No pressure!
love, Jill