Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have had a problem the last few times I have tried to get pictures on my blog so I thought I would do a few at a time. These are a few pictures from our four-wheeling fun while we were in Page, Arizona for New Year's with my family. Cassidy is climbing on one of the jumps which she eventually fell off of but isn't that how it goes with kids. The other is of a fish that Jason caught while ice fishing with a friend on the 2nd of the month. He had the day off to mourn President Ford's passing but he sure had a weird way of paying his repects. He wanted to make sure that people knew that this was the smallest of the four fish that he brought home. We ate two for dinner a day later and it was delicious. I was surprised that the kids were willing to eat any after they saw daddy clean them. YUCK! That was the first time I remember seeing anyone do that either. Speaking of fish, Cassidy's fish died just before Christmas. We didn't tell her, just flushed him and went about the festivities. Well, while Jason was cleaning his fish she asked where Swimmy was. She cried when we broke the news but Jill, I can totally relate to the happiness in your head at the death of a fish. I hated cleaning the fishbowl so much! I tried to sympathize the best I could. No more pets at our house for a while. In fact, we figured out that we can probably never have a dog. Zack is always sick with a runny nose, cough, sneezing, and eventually ear infections when we go visit my parents. This time we took Zyrtec with us and gave him some everyday we were there, nothing. I guess it is an allergy to the dogs my parents have so no dogs for us, Jason is thrilled. Well, I think I will try to post one more blog of pictures today to get all caught up, so here goes.

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rjevelo said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like you had a fun time in Page, you did things that are fun when snow isn't a hinderance! That is so funny about your fish, was it a beta? I had been praying that they would die for months now (I wonder if that is called premeditated murder?)