Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and was able to ring in the new year happily. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was the first time in the nine years that we have been married that we have had a Christmas at home. It was so great for the kids because they actually got to play with all of their toys and not have to put them in a box in the corner until we get home. It was nice for Jason and I because we didn't have to load everything up take it somewhere then bring it all home again. It was so great that I am going to have a hard time traveling for Christmas ever again, maybe we will just have to go family and friends for New Year's from now on. We did go over to Dale and Jill's Christmas day for some food and lots of fun. Kathy, Ty, and family were there as well as Dale's son Jeff. Jason got some new snowboarding boots to support his wounded achellies while he shreds on the slopes this winter and some gift cards and money, which he has already put to good use buying an IPOD shuffle while we were in Page. Cassidy got the Heelies that she has been begging for but needs a lot of practice on them before she will be able to wear them out and about. She also got some cute clothes, a Barbie house and a personal CD player that she spend lots of time jamming to. Zack got a huge pirate ship, the Black Pearl for those of you that are familiar the Pirates of the Carribean, pirate and knight dress up stuff, and Superman action figures. I got some beautiful silver earrings, gift cards and money and Jason got me a credit card sized digital camera to take pictures for my blog, which has been awesome already. I am always that person that says, "I wish I had a camera right now". Now if I can just remember to bring it with me. :)

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rjevelo said...

Hey, sounds like you all had a good time for the holidays, Rick and I were just saying how nice it was to be at home for the holidays too! But we missed seeing you guys and everyone else. I am trying to get back into the normalcy of babysitting and getting kids back into reading and doing flash cards, I don't want them to return to school next week and go crazy with the workload. When do you go back to work? Well I am glad to see you back in the blogging world, I took a long time off too, can't wait to see some new pictures!
love, Jill