Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nothing very new and exciting to report here. I did eat my weight on Sunday at our Super Bowl get together. It was a beautiful thing! Also, my date with Jason was great. We left at about 1:45 and had a late lunch, delicious. We went to one of my favorite places to eat, Red Robin, and I had the biggest burger ever. Then we decided to go shopping because there really aren't that great of movies out right now. We went to Old Navy so I could use a gift card I have been packing around with me since Christmas, then over to the mall. I could shop all day but I could tell Jason was at his limit, and so was our bank account for that matter. We decided to head home about 4:30 so we could spend the rest of the evening with the kids before Jason headed to his friend's house for a guy night.
Parent/tecaher conferences are FINALLY over. I am so glad I don't have to do it again until next school year. It is exhausting and frankly I run out of things to say to fill a fifteen minute conference with every parent. The ones that you need to see don't bother showing up anyway.
I need to start running again at the gym. I have been going to the classes that they offer because it is just easier to go to those then do my own thing. I alternate between step, kickboxing, total body, and and abs and buns class. I would like to run some 5K's this spring/summer so I really need to run at least once a week. I weighed myself last night and have lost another pound, yea me. I bought new jeans in October and they are all too small now. It is a wonderful feeling but a cramp in the budget to buy new ones. I need to find someone who can alter them for me so I can wear them longer. My goal is to be comfortable enough with body that I can feel good in a two piece this summer, wish me luck.

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