Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here are the pictures that I promised of Easter, I am going to have to post a few blogs to be able to include all of the pictures from the weekend that I want to. Easter was so fun! We all really had a great time and the drive really wasn't all that bad. We got there Friday evening and all went for a nice walk on the golf course then back to my mom and dad's for a yummy dinner and relaxing evening. Saturday we went for a walk to a local coffee shop and decorated Easter eggs, these pictures are of egg decorating. My mom scheduled professional pictures at Foto Quick so we did that Saturday afternoon and it went really well. The kids were all behaving nicely and even my dad smiled a few times. Then it was back to my parent's house to eat again, we did a lot of that. Kim, Jason and I took a trip to the local clothing store, Beal's. It is kind of like a Ross. It is going out of business so Jason says there is no reason to go to Page anymore, he loves to shop there whenever we are in town, except RD's Drive Inn that is. Saturday night my mom and dad babysat the sleeping kids while we went and saw "Road Hogs" at the local theater, so funny. On Sunday the kids looked through their Easter baskets and found all of the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. Then we went to church, napped, and went for a walk. Sunday night Kim and I took my parents to dinner to celebrate their anniversary, it was so delicious! Jason, Cassidy and I got up to leave on Monday morning and left Zack with grandma. He didn't cry like I thought he would and has had a really good time so far. My mom says he misses Cassidy more than anyone and I think the same is true for her, she is so bored with out her brother. Hopefully she will remember taht the next time she feels like fighting with him. I hope everyone had as happy and wonderful of an Easter as we did. I loved seeing my whole family and having such an enjoyable visit.

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