Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things are CRAZY here. It is end of level tesing time for the school district so we have a two week window to get all of our testing done. I finished today, YEA ME! All of my students were here so I tested like mad to get it done, lets just hope my approach works and I pass "No Child Left Behind". Stupid George W. Anyways, we are also very busy finishing the basement. We had Uncle Dale, Jason's dad's brother that lives near us, come and spray the basement with primer then with the color we chose for the walls, burnt almond. On Sunday, Jason and his friend Mike tiled the laundry room. It is the same tile we used in the bathroom we will just fill it with a brown grout instead of the gray we used to accent the blue walls in the bathroom. We have been painting baseboards, coconut brown (Cassidy picked that out because she loves coconut), like crazy so Dale can come back and halp us install them on Saturday and Jason is planning on doing the grout tonight. My new washer and drier get delivered on Saturday sometime as well. We bought stackable pair so we could finally have room somewhere in the house for a deep freezer, we will put in the laundry room next to the washer and drier. I am so excited to be able to do one load of laundry in the time it used to take me to do two. I promise to include pictures of the finished basement with the next blog entry.

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