Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We did it! We're done! That's right, the basement is completely finished! RC Willey came to install the carpet yesterday, so besides doing a little touch up painting, we are finally done. I took a few pictures last night and hope you can tell what they are of, the lighting is weird. There is one picture of the stairs, two of the laundry room and two different views of the new playroom. Zack loved talking to the gentleman that came to lay the carpet, luckily he was a nice guy. He kept following him around and wanted to help him. He also kept asking him if he brought the toys too. We told Zack that there would be toys in the finished room so him and sissy could have their own playroom. He wants it to be ready now. He kept telling us to move the toys down there so he could play. I think we will try to get it done this weekend. We have a guy coming over tonight to show us some beanbags, like a generic Lovesack, I think that we will just buy two of those to furnish the room. I plan on decorating it in an outdoor theme. Jason has a few prints that he purchased from a friend of animals and then I will purchase a few things from my friend that sells Home Interiors. It should turn out nice. Now we just have to hope the kids actually stay down there to play. :)

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