Monday, October 22, 2007

100 random things about me. My sister-in-law did this once so I thought I would post some little ditties about me.

1. My favorite color is blue.

2. I hate being cold.

3. Thus, winter is my least favorite season.

4. Though my favorite holidays are in the winter, Thankgiving and Christmas.

5. I am a t-shirt and jeans gal.

6. I LOVE dressing up when I have somewhere to be.

7. A movie and popcorn is my idea of the perfect rainy day.

8. I have never left the country, never even to Mexico or Canada.

9. My dream is to go to Hawaii, Mexico, or the Bahamas, someplace tropical.

10. My favorite music is mostly from the 90's.

11. I love to eat.

12. My favorite food is a gourmet hamburger.

13. The best place to get that hamburger is Red Robin or Chili's.

14. I love trying new recipes.

15. I get really bummed out when I make a yummy dinner and my family doesn't like it.

16. I love soup, especially this time of year.

17. I would love to live somewhere else but would hate to move.

18. I love to dance, LOVE to dance!

19. Being a girlie girl is fun sometimes.

20. Being a fake girlie girl bugs me though (i.e. the nails, bleached hair, clothes, etc.)

21. I am NOT a morning person.

22. I don't really like Halloween or dressing up in a costume.

23. I miss Arizona and my family, I hate living so far away sometimes.

24. Being mom is hard work, I think I am terrible at it sometimes.

25. I hope I don't ruin one of my kids.

26. I dislike people who lie.

27. Waterskiing has become one of favorite pastimes.

28. I was mad at Jason when he bought our boat now I think it is the best purchase we ever made.

29. Teaching school is not what I want to do the rest of my life.

30. In fact, I dislike my job.

31. I would LOVE to do PR work.

32. I am afraid of failing.

33. I hate my curly hair but love how low maintainence it is.

34. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite TV show but I hate watching it because the morals on that show make me mad.

35. I love to eat out and wish I had the money to do it everyday.

36. Driving fast is fun.

37. Laser eye surgery is the best thing I have ever spent money on.

38. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

39. I love scarey movies but hate being scared, weird.

40. I would love a pet cat.

41. Jason won't let us have a pet.

42. I have been married for 1/3 of my life.

43. I hate being 31, I feel so old to say I am in my thirties.

44. I don't feel 31.

45. I hate to exercise.

46. I love the high I have after I exercise.

47. I love to run, it is my favorite exercise.

48. Tredmills are the worst! I would rather run outside.

49. I love to win.

50. I sorta won a 5K this year, the fastest girl in my age group.

51. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes now.

52. I read probably like 5,000 pages the last few months.

53. I hate stopping what I am doing to go to the bathroom.

54. I love to shop.

55. I have the worst buyer's remorse of anyone I know.

56. I love my husband.

57. Sometimes I think I love him too much.

58. Being married is the best.

59. I hate painting my fingernails.

60. My fingernails are painted navy blue right now.

61. I love pedicures! That is my favorite way to pamper myself.

62. I feel fat today.

63. I would LOVE a new wardrobe.

64. I want to run a marathon but am afraid it would kill me.

65. Tattling makes me mad.

66. Sometimes I think that I should just start drinking, maybe I would deal with life better.

67. I am too uptight.

68. I am ten pounds lighter than I was at this time last year.

69. I love my kids.

70. Cassidy is a beautiful little girl, sometimes I can't belive she is mine.

71. I watch too much TV.

72. I love music, especially first thing in the morning.

73. I love to sing.

74. The play Grease was the funnest thing I have done for myself in a long time.

75. I need to take more time for me.

76. Religion confuses me lately.

77. I would like to do a play every year.

78. Zack has an awesome sense of humor.

79. I wish I would have danced when I was younger.

80. I hope that Cassidy isn't just taking dance because I want her to.

81. I am hungry right now and I want a treat but don't want to work out today so I probably shouldn't have one.

82. I hate my hair today.

83. I am afraid of getting lice from the school.

84. I cry at lots of stuff, commercials even.

85. I love Jason's granparents like they are my own.

86. I love Jason's family as much as my own.

87. I consider my Pfister Sisters my blood.

88. I am too loud and need to mellow.

89. Page, Arizona was a cool place to grow up.

90. I am a terrible baker, cookies especially.

91. Computers are complex and I have a hard time figuring them out.

92. I love watching movies.

93. Being away from my kids from time to time makes me a better mother.

94. Date nights with Jason are one of my favorite things.

95. I never liked camping much but I am starting to like it.

96. I have to pee right now but I don't want to stop this until I am done.

97. I love warm weather.

98. My favorite treats are Starburst and Peanut Butter cups.

99. I think I am going to go out to dinner tonight, I don't feel like cooking.

100. I need a vacation!

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be, and way more revealing. I hope that I didn't scare anyone with too much info about me. :) Have an awesome week!

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Jill said...

Never too much information, I love knowing more about my distant sister in law!