Monday, December 10, 2007

What a fun weekend! I didn't have to cook dinner once, that always makes a weekend a great one! Jason and I went on a date on Friday night to a place called Tepenyaki. It is a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook your dinner on a grill in front of you and entertain you all the while. After dinner we did a bit of shopping then went to see a movie, Dan in Real Life. We were worried it would be too dramatic but it was really funny. With Dane Cook and Steve Carroll I guess it is supposed to be funny though. The kids did pretty well with the sitter and that is always nice. It was so great to spend time alone together, that just doens't happen enough lately. On Saturday, after a day and a half of snowing, the kids went out to build a snowman ( he looks just like Jason with his spiky stick hair, too cool). I went shopping with my friend Erica and had a wonderful time, we even found some awesome deals. It wasn't as busy with shoppers as we had thought it would be, I guess the weather kept people home. Cassidy had two birthday parties, so she was gone from 1-8:30 at parties and playing with friends. Jason hung out with Zack for the afternoon then the three of us went to our favorite place for dinner, Cafe Rio. I think we should get a free meal whenever we go to that place because we go there so much the manager recognizes us and calls us by name when we come in. Hope everyone else had as good of a weekend as we did. I sent out Christmas cards, look at me go, so you should be getting them soon.

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Jill said...

I'm just catching up with you guys, what great pictures! We missed you at Thanksgiving, it sure was nice not to have to cook though! Looks like you guys have been busy, are you staying home for Christmas or down to Paige?
Keep up the posting, I have been slacking in that department.