Friday, January 11, 2008

Our spoiled kids had two "Christmases". This is the first one with my mom and dad the Saturday before Christmas. They got to open presents from Grandma Lora Lee and Papa Allen as well as Aunt Crista and Uncle Monte and Aunt Kim. After all of that it was hard to believe that they still had more coming on Christmas Day. Cassidy got new Heelies, a pillow diary, Junie B. Jones book, Hannah Montana Doll, and a paint set and girlie stuff. Zack opened a dress up trunk, Spiderman shirt, soft Spiderman friend to sleep with, and Spiderman Gameboy game (prematurely). Allison was excited to open a "Seriously?...Seriously?" shirt from her sister (straight from their favorite show Grey's Anantomy) and a new blowdrier and Jason got a bunch of itunes money for his new ipod. Grandma and Granpa got gifts that Cassidy and Zack shopped for at the Santa's Secret Shop at Cassidy's school. It was such a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa and the kids are so thankful for the gifts they recieved.

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