Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas at home was a beautiful thing. We really loved being able to stay home and have a nice little Christmas morning, just the four of us. It was the Christmas of Spiderman for Zack, but he also got a Gameboy that he just can't put down, in fact he has been caught up at 5:00am playing the dang thing and threatening to take it away has been a great way to get him to obey mom and dad lately. It is crazy to see how grown-up Cassidy is becoming with the presents she gets and enjoys. She recieved a lot of Hannah Montana stuff and a new digital camera. Jason surprised Allison with a wetsuit top so she will stop shivering on the boat and the latest in running technology, a wrist GPS system so she can for a run then not have to drive the path she ran later to figure out how far she went. She also got a gift card to Old Navy, thanks Rex and Linda, and some cash from various donators. Jason scored big with more Cabella's gift cards in addition to the ones he had from his birthday, yes he has already used them (don't even ask me what he bought, it is still a tender subject but I will give you a hint; it rhymes with tussleloader), some wet suit bottoms (now he can be warm EVERYWHERE when he skis) and even more itunes cash. All in all we realized after all the gift unwrapping that we are a very spoiled bunch and should probably begin to scale down Christmases before my kids start to expect a big Chritmas every year. The best part was staying home, we haven't been able to do this but one other time the ten Christmases Jason and I have been married. Though we enjoy spending the holidays with our families, there is something to be said for a Chritmas at home. The rest of Winter Break was spend hanging out as a family. Going bowling, to movies, looking at lights, and eating all of the yummy holiday treats.

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