Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter in Montana was a blast! We got to Helena on Friday evening with just enough daylight left to go and take a look at Jason's mom's new house. The construction is coming along well and it has a whole first floor all framed in with stairs to the second floor done as well. Ted and Ronna are so excited for the house to be done and showed us all of the carpet, tile, and paint samples while we were there as well. I hope this house has a window that everyone can look out of to watch for people to drive up, as you can see from the picture of Scott and his cute boys, that this one does. We stayed with Jason's brother and his awesome family while we were in town. Amy is the best, treats on our pillows and all when we arrived, it was better than staying at the Hilton!

We were able to spend time with everyone while we were there. Dinner at mom's, church with dad, Easter Sunday lunch with Rex and Linda, it was awesome. It seems like the majority of what we do when we are in Montana is sit around and visit while we wait for the next meal, eat, and then sit around and visit some more. The boys had a great time hanging out and Amy made them Kaleb's favoite snack one evening, Triscuits with melted cheese. Kaden is so cute and talks so well, he follows Zack and Kaleb wherever they go. Cassidy had a slumber party with Grandma Ronna and the girls the first night we were there. Without Madelynn there she gets pretty lonely so we try to make it as fun for her as we can, she missed you Maddy!

Like I said in an earlier blog, Jason's grandma and grandpa were there form Roundup and we had so much fun with them. Grandpa is like a teenager these days and so fun to watch go for walks and play with the kiddos and grandma is up to no good in the kitchen, as always!

Santa Claus was supposed to bring my kids a Wii but he ran out so he asked the Easter bunny to bring one, which he did. I am just hoping that my kids don't get used to being this spoiled on Easter and don't expect a big present like that every year, the Easter Bunny isn't made of money you know (Santa either for that matter). They are having a great time playing it though, it is the first game system we have owned and the only reason I wanted it for the family is because you have to get off your butt to play it. My kids spend too much time on their butts as it is!

We had a fabulous time decorating and hiding/hunting eggs at Grandma Ronna's house as well. Grandpa got pretty excited about the finding part and was racing the kids to the eggs, too funny!

I hope everyone had as great of an easter as we did. We really tried to make sure the kids remembered what Easter is really for this year and to "remember the empty tomb" so we hope that the message got through with all of the excitement.

I am finally back to work on the 31st of March, crazy long spring break for me, and not looking too forward to it. Only one term left! I am trying to decide what to do next year so if anyone has advice for me, please help. My job share partner got a job teaching full time so her and her husband could afford a house, this leaves me without a job share partner yet again. So, I am thinking this would be a good year for a grade change, 2nd grade is wearing me out a bit. Unfortunately my prinicipal doesn't want a job share in 4th grade, the opening I want. So, long story short, my options are to stay in 2nd grade full time or find a new partner or get a grade change and teach 4th grade full time. Zack will be in all day Kindergarten next year but I was hoping to have time for me this year, to shop, clean, relax, volunteer in the kids' classrooms, etc. Any advice anyone has would be greatly apprecaited.

We are really anticipating warm spring days here, it keeps switching back and forth between cold and warm. I have been running a lot again this spring and trying to decide if I want to run the 5K or half marathon in Ogden City in May. I know I can do a 5K, but 13 miles scares the heck outta me, I ran about 5 1/2-6 miles on Tuesday and that kicked my butt. We'll just have to see what happens. We are signing Zack up for T-ball for the spring/summer and Cassidy is trying to decide if she wants to do coach pitch. She is for sure done dancing and doesn't want to do that next year but she still wants to play soccer and so does Zack, he will finally be old enough this fall. So, getting busy here.

Wow, that is a lot of info. Hope everyone is doing well and Spring has Sprung where you are.

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