Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, it is the first day of Spring but colder than it was yesterday. Oh well, that is the weather in Utah for you. Spring Break for the kiddos is Friday through Tuesday so we are headed up to Montana to see Jason's family for Easter weekend, we are all very excited for that. We will leave on Friday after I get done with report cards, it is a teacher work day, and head home on Monday. We are excited to stay with Jason's brother Scott and his cute family. Zack and Kaleb have a great time playing when we are there so he has been asking almost everyday when he gets to go see Kaleb. Jason's grandma and grandpa will also be in town from Roundup, Montana. I love Jason's grandpa so much, he is like my adopted grandpa since I don't have any living, he calls me "woman" and is so funny. His grandma makes sure NO ONE goes hungry and is a little firecracker of energy. We haven't been up to see Jason's family since Thanksgiving so it should be lots of fun.
Tomorrow will be my last day of work until March 31st, that makes me GIDDY! I switched the schedule around with my job share partner so I wouldn't have to go in next Wednesday so I have a over a week off. I have lots to do around the house and I'm sure loads of laundry after the trip so I won't be bored by any means.
I am sure we will take lots of pictures over the Easter Break so I will try to get some posted next week, don't hold me to that though!


Little Wonders with the Dopp family said...

Hey Allison! That is funny you came across my blog. I have come across many friends also thru blog hopping. Go to to get music onto your blog. A cute and easy place for blog templates is Let me know if I can help. I am still learning more and more all the time.

Jill said...

Hi there, the pictures you sent to my email I couldn't open, so when you get a chance, post them.

I hope you had a great trip, sorry I couldn't talk that night, my phone was dying. Sounded like you were having a great time though!