Thursday, March 06, 2008

Zack had his Kindergarten check up today, can you belive it! Registration is on April 9th so I figured I would take him to the doctor BEFORE the mad rush of kids were all there. I didn't even tell him where we were going, even after we got there I just played dumb with him. The doctor came in and did the ol' nose, ear, and throat check then he sent the nurses in. He had to pee in a cup and do a short vision test then the real fun began. He had two picks, one for a TB skin test the other for a blood test, then four shots. The poor kid! He cried so hard! We have the coolest nurse, she totally babied him and got him stickers, a sucker, and plenty of hugs and kisses. After the doctor Zack and mom headed to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and to play in the playground then home to watch his favorite movie Spiderman. The sad thing is that he is still one vaccine shy of being complete so that will be fun.

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Jill said...

Poor little guy!
I can't believe he is going to Kindergarten next year! Where has the time gone. I don't even know when our reg. is, I better get on the ball! Give Zack a love for me too!