Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some more candid shots in Vegas:
Here is a picture of the famous Vegas cowboy on Freemont Street.

Jason at a statue of show girls in front of Harrah's hotel.

The comedian we saw, Mac King, after his show.

Jason's dream car, a Ferrari, was everywhere.

We actually saw ONE celebrity, here is Pete Rose.

A close-up of us on the bus.

This the the new double decker bus system in Vegas, the Deuce. I would have saved a fortune on cab fare in college if Vegas would have started this like thirteen years ago.

Jason by the M&M's Nascar car in M&M World (four floors of M&M goodness and stuff).

A picture of New York New York.

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Jill said...

Ok, I just have to ask, how did they get my butt for that bronze mold? No not the one Jason is fondaling!
Hey Jason, you need some rays on those legs, I hope you took time to sun those puppies!