Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jason and Allison in front of a fountain on the "Strip".

The hotel we stayed at, the Stratosphere.

Allison and Nicholas Cage, a wax one anyways.

Allison and Jason getting Henna Tattoos.

Kaydence and Cassidy at Fiesta Fun Center.

Zack on the tube slide.

Allison and her lil' sister Kim.

Jason and Kim playing the air hockey game of the century.

Scott and David Grygla at the reunion.

Jolley Pierce and Bethany Bracken.

Jason and his friend Blair (they went on their mission to Pennslyvannia togther and Blair is married to my friend Bethany from Page).

The kids going CRAZY!

My cousin Tony and Brad Ross.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, isn't that what they say. Well, I'll tell you what we did in Vegas to keep your dirty minds out of the gutter. :)

We left on Wednesday morning and met my parents in Cedar City, which was weird because we haven't been there since we moved nine years ago. After lunch at Sizzler, yes Ronna Sizzler, we left for the "City of Sin" and the kids headed to Page with my folks. We got to Vegas at about 4:00 their time and the fun immediately began.

After checking into our hotel we decided to walk up to Freemont Street, the street that they covered a few years back and they have light shows on the ceiling. Anyways, our map definately wasn't to scale so it ended up being at least a two mile walk with not much to see but tattoo shops and wedding chapels, not the interesting part of Las Vegas Blvd. that is for sure. When we finally got up there we had dinner and came out of the casino just in time for a Queen tribute light show, very cool. We decided to buy bus passes, $5.00 for 24 hours, so we wouldn't have to walk back. After we boarded the bus, we decided we would ride it all the way down the strip so Jason could see it at night and we could plan what we wanted to see the next day. Bad idea! I guess there are like 46 stops on the strip and we made all of them, twice. It took us two hours to get up and back, by the time we got back to our hotel it was 11:00, 12:00 at home, so we were beat.

The next day we got up and put our walking shoes back on. We rode the bus to our first stop then walked a bit as well. We were able to see plenty of sights. The mall, Planet Hollywood (delicious lunch there), Ceasar's Palace, a comedian/magic show (Mac King, he is supposed to be on Letterman on May 6th), M&M and Coke World, and various other things as we wandered around, they still hand out various pictures of naked women as you walk by so that is always nice, GROSS! We ate dinner at a huge buffet then headed back to the hotel a bit earlier than the night before. Neither of us being a fan of cigarette smoke we both took a shower each night and tied all of our dirty clothes in a trash bag before we left town.

We headed to the factory stores on our way out of town then it was to St. Gerorge to meet up with my parents, our kids and my sister there. We were able to hang out with them Friday afternoon, went to lunch, swam in the pool, played at Fiesta Fun Center, then went to dinner. They left for Page first thing saturday morning and we headed home after that, with my mom's old Yukon to try to sell it for her up here. On the way home we stopped in Provo for a mini high school reunion for me. A good friend of mine, Shanna Grygla, organized a get together at her home so I was able to see a bunch of my old friends, the kids ran around and had a great time and Jason got a free meal (seriously though, Jason knew a few people even one guy from his mission). It was so great to walk down memory lane. Hopefully we can make it an annual thing.

It is back to the old grind. Loads and loads of laundry, back to school and work, a house to clean and meals to cook, etc. It sure was fun while it lasted though!

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Jill said...

Man, I am so jealous! Vegas looked like a blast! Loved the picture of Nicholas Cage, if you wouldn't have mentioned it was wax, I would have wondered how he was letting a perfect stranger touch him in such a way! LOL

Us parents need breaks like that, I'm glad you guys had a good time!