Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Waiting for the train to come.
Frontrunner finally arrives.
Sitting on the train, the only seat we could find.
Look how crowded it was!

We decided a fun thing to do for Family Home Evening would be to ride the Frontrunner, the new commuter train, down to Salt Lake for dinner. They are letting anyone ride it for free until Wednesday to try it out. Well, we got to the station and talked to a friend that had just taken a long hour and a half ride home from Salt Lake and decided that we would just ride it the five or so miles to Ogden and back instead. We got to the train stop at 4:30, rode it to Ogden, ate at Subway in the train station, and got back to the Roy station at 6:45. It was crazy! The kids had a really fun time but we were so glad we decided not to go to Salt Lake after all. We would probably STILL be on the train if we had. :)

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Jill said...

Can you say Claustrophobic! It looks like fun, minus the crowd. What a deal though, I wouldn't have passed up a free ride!

Zack and Cassidy are getting way too big! We can't wait to see them this summer!